18 year old guy dating

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18 year old guy dating - online romance dating site

I turned 24 yesterday and for the past year, I've been back in school. Life in school has been pretty much the same every day.

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If they're being forced to cover it up and aren't able to discuss things openly with their parents it sets them up for disaster.

Parents choice of course, get involved early, or dont get involved early.

I personally think it's the difference of night and day in responsible young adults. You wait too long, and you are truly in for a fight.

When the man turns 18 it is by textbook law, statutory rape for him to have sex with his girlfriend who is still 17..only one year difference.

Technically this guy could be in BIG trouble if the relationship goes sour and the parents decide to press charges.

Either that or force them to hide it from you and let them go into it alone with no information or ANYTHING because they're afreaid to ask you..9, 10, 11, 12, I agree no dating what so ever, however 15 you should use this as an opportunity to be more involved with your children, rather than condemn it and regret it later.

don't be too stern or u will have them hiding it from you, and then they can't come to the "parents" for advice, and the advice they are able to get may not be what they need!!!

So, to keep that happening, I avoid getting into conversations with her, or anyone else. It didn't work out because she was more mature than me. Also, a lot of girls kind of like the older man, so you're definitely in the clear. It wasn't a problem at all because I wasn't expereinced with relationships and still felt younger then my age.

We were very close in our thoughts and mindset, it didn't even feel like I was older at all.

Also, lately there's a girl sitting next to me in class and she's really nice to me. That one lasted longer so it's not like there isn't any prosperity in those relationships either, cause there is. I recently started going back to school and I was worried that everyone was going to be a lot younger but I've come to find out that most of the people in my classes are only a couple years younger than me, the same age or older and I am 26. The feeling of not being able to do this or that becuase your a few years older is all social construct. I learned a lot from her, and we had a great time while it lasted.

I don't actually think she has a crush on me or anything, but I'm always worried that she might find out my age and think differently of me. Oh when I first read that I thought you said 24 years older. Anyway newtype, I dated a 19 year old when I was 26. But don't lie about your age, you need to be up front about that. 18 isn't really that young compared to 24, you shouldn't worry about the number if you guys get along well. My first real relationship was close to that age and age gap.

They usually met up with the boyfriend at a school function or the movies, then left. Grown children who were informed teenagers and we talked about everything. You can smother them and It does not protect them it makes them be creative and wild. I played a great angel to my parents Most of the people I know who ended up pregnant in middle/high school were the people who "weren't allowed" to be dating. I was going about my work just now and the thought crossed my mind that if they ended up pregnant then maybe their parents were right, they weren't ready for dating. I get what you are saying though- parents need to know who their kids are and that doesn't happen often enough these days.

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