18 year old guy dating

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18 year old guy dating - what should i know if dating a cop

So, to keep that happening, I avoid getting into conversations with her, or anyone else. It didn't work out because she was more mature than me. Also, a lot of girls kind of like the older man, so you're definitely in the clear. It wasn't a problem at all because I wasn't expereinced with relationships and still felt younger then my age.

I don't actually think she has a crush on me or anything, but I'm always worried that she might find out my age and think differently of me. Oh when I first read that I thought you said 24 years older. Anyway newtype, I dated a 19 year old when I was 26. But don't lie about your age, you need to be up front about that. 18 isn't really that young compared to 24, you shouldn't worry about the number if you guys get along well. My first real relationship was close to that age and age gap.Most of the people I know who ended up pregnant in middle/high school were the people who "weren't allowed" to be dating.Hmm, most of the ones I know who ended up pregnant never even asked if they could date or not- their relationship with their parents was that bad. They had boundaries that were well known but never crossed them.I know 99%(or close to it) about my son's life currently, even his personal one, all his friends names, girlfriends, ex's, etc; as much of it as I can and I don't lie to him, sugar coat, or BS him for any reason either..He can know anything he asks because it is important to be completely open and hones as well.if they wanna be together they'll be together Most of the people I know who ended up pregnant in middle/high school were the people who "weren't allowed" to be dating.

If they're being forced to cover it up and aren't able to discuss things openly with their parents it sets them up for disaster.Technically this guy could be in BIG trouble if the relationship goes sour and the parents decide to press charges. On a serious note, nice to see you refrain from the name calling and similar antics. However if you ever feel like hearing a good ole' verbal bashing that would make Greg Geraldo defecate in his grave, hit me up.. If you try and keep a 15 year old from dating they WILL do it, and they WILL be forced to hide it from you..This is not an attempt at sarcasm or trolling or what have you. When you can let them date, but inform them VERY WELL, keep them on a short leash and keep all activities supervised and keep an open relationship so you know whats going on and that you can/can not trust him/her. I just wanna know what people think about this, hear different opinions.I don't actually plan on acting based on what people say.I think it'd pretty easy to tell whether or not he legitimately cares for her versus only being interested in the novelty of having a younger girlfriend. True, I was thinking there was an age difference of like 3 years before it was statutory rape, however after reading, that only means if you're both under 18.