Anne heche dating history

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In 2010 she was seen as the judge in American Idol just for the single season.

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She even hosted the show from the hospital when she was bedridden with a torn ligament.

Ellen also gave her voice in “Finding Nemo” as a dog.

Ellen again got a chance to present “2005 Primetime Emmy Awards” aired on CBS Network.

Ellen De Generes was born on January 26, 1958, in Metairie, Louisiana, the USA. She later moved to Atlanta Texas after their parents divorced and her mother remarried to a salesman, Roy Grussendorf.

Ellen is a graduate of Atlanta High School and went to study major in communication from the University of New Orleans but dropped it after 1st left the University to do clerical work in a law firm.

Ellen posted a photoshopped version of the now-famous snapshot of Olympic runner Usain Bolt. Which was accused saying the image of a white woman on a Black man’s back is offensive. She has more than 28 million followers on the Facebook, 50 million followers on the Instagram and 76.6 million followers on the Twitter.

It has been rumored now and then about the separation of the Ellen and Portia but every time the rumor comes up, the couple comments that nothing is true about it in spite they are getting in more secure bonds every time. On 19 August 2000, the day after ending her three-year affair with De Generes, a dazed and scantily clad Heche knocked on the door of a stranger’s home in Fresno, California.She requested a shower, declared herself to be God and offered to take everyone back to heaven in her spaceship. Heche, meanwhile, suffered a psychotic breakdown and looked destined never to deliver on her youthful promise.In 1989 she worked for the movie like Ellen’s Energy Adventure and Coneheads and was also seen in a sitcom “Open House”.She was also characterized as Nurse Nancy Mac Intyre in a sitcom Laurie Hill which led her to another show These Friends of Mine.So it was a surprise when she began earning glowing reviews for her role as a former beauty queen who longs for her ex-husband’s large appendage in the hit American television series Hung 18 months ago.

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