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Below are short descriptions of 8 distinct neighborhoods that make up the community at large.

We are conveniently located just minutes from Central Expressway, Westgate Shopping Center and many dining venues.Denton Hwy/Glenview Dr: It seems like a common theme in Haltom City are the parks, practically one or more in every neighborhood, and this area is no different!With Revere Community Park on the west side of Denton Hwy.This area has it all, but you will want to begin your search with as much advance as you can manage to give yourself, because rentals go fast here!If you do happen to find your perfect abode in this handsome neighborhood, you must try the Fish 'n Chips from Crispy Chicken & Seafood on Denton Hwy.Stately Magnolia trees with their fat, waxy, fragrant flowers can be found in abundance here.

The same goes for Crepe Myrtles and Japanese Black Pine, which blanket the neighborhood with color and fragrance that must be experienced to be fully appreciated.The economic and cultural progress that arrived with the railroad has never disappeared from Mc Kinney and, in 2012, the city earned the second spot on Money magazine's Best Places to Live in the U. When you begin your search for the perfect home or apartment rental in Haltom City, it always helps to have an idea of the look and feel of various neighborhoods before you begin to physically go out and look. Many homes in Haltom City were built just after WWII, and these historic treasures still fill many vibrant, some might say eclectic areas of the city.There are some places for rent that were built after 2000, so if you prefer modern, you are still in luck. Denton Hwy/Browning Blvd: On the northeast corner where Hwy 377 and NE Loop 820 bisect, this inviting neighborhood is conveniently located for easy commutes if needed.Buffalo Ridge Park is at the center of this neighborhood and has a hike and bike trail zigzagging throughout the area. Are you looking for a studio for rent, a one-bedroom apartment or perhaps a slightly larger two or three-bedroom house for rent?Located in a residential area in Mc Kinney, Texas, our lushly landscaped community offers residents many amenities that make it a great place to call home!

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