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Only at the end do we really get to see examples of her dress-making talent, and then it seems to spring out of nowhere, fully formed.

Arriving not long after tries to solve the mystery as to why Coco became an icon, but it's not until the end of the film that Fontaine chooses to show glimpses of how she actually did it.Coco's frosty exterior thaws when she meets Boy, but when he is cruelly snatched away she is spurred on to succeed in the fashion industry.Tautou delivers a precise, layered performance, but is unaided by a script that keeps Coco selfish and distant.Although it goes into formidable detail about Chanel's early love life, that's probably the least interesting thing about her.The narrative stops well short of Coco building a fashion empire, and gives no hint of what lay ahead for her in World War II when she became a Nazi collaborator, or, indeed, of her well-documented anti-semitism, cocaine addiction and ruthlessness as an employer.That changes, though, when she meets an eccentric actress (Devos), who takes a shine to her hat designs and falls for the charms of Englishman Arthur 'Boy' Capel (Nivola).

Fontaine's movie initially positions Coco as a headstrong feminist who isn't afraid to trample over the doting Balsan to vault up the class ladder.There's no clear sense of Gabrielle as a standard bearer for successive generations of women in the patriarchal fashion industry.Also, tumultuous events prior to the climactic catwalk feel a tad rushed; the central character's grief is lost in a swirl of silks and glittering accessories.She soon catches the eye of snooty socialite Étienne Balsan (Poelvoorde) and is pulled into a new world of wealth and opportunity.Coco is blunt and taciturn, lacking the charm or sycophancy needed to for high society preservation.Not even the sweetness of Miss Tautou can conceal that Chanel was a sourpuss on the make.

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