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Alessandro Nivola also does what he can with Arthur 'Boy' Capel, an English businessman who is a more conventional romantic interest.However, director Anne Fontaine directs at far too pedestrian a pace, and the whole thing comes across as the unalluring first episode of a TV mini-series.

It's too bad that so photogenic a star is saddled with such a stodgy biopic, which crams about half an hour's worth of incident into 110 minutes.

She soon catches the eye of snooty socialite Étienne Balsan (Poelvoorde) and is pulled into a new world of wealth and opportunity.

Coco is blunt and taciturn, lacking the charm or sycophancy needed to for high society preservation.

Coco's style inspiration comes from men's garments, leading her to loosen women's clothes for comfort and practicality.

The attention to detail and reshaping of attire is surprisingly fascinating, so it's a shame that this aspect of the story only arrives as the end credits are about to roll.

There's no clear sense of Gabrielle as a standard bearer for successive generations of women in the patriarchal fashion industry.

Also, tumultuous events prior to the climactic catwalk feel a tad rushed; the central character's grief is lost in a swirl of silks and glittering accessories.The film succeeds in making us sympathise with a manipulative young woman rising from poverty by learning how to exploit two rich men who fancy her.The trouble is that Coco noticeably lacks the joie de vivre of, say, Becky Sharp in Vanity Fair.Director: Anne Fontaine Screenwriters: Anne Fontaine, Camille Fontaine Starring: Audrey Tautou, Benoît Poelvoorde, Alessandro Nivola, Marie Gillain, Emmanuelle Devos Running time: 110 mins Certificate: 12ACutting a convincing figure as Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel in her formative years, Audrey Tautou revives a French icon in this week's , so why not try the Coco Chanel origin story?The problem this period drama faces is that by largely ignoring the very thing that made Coco famous - the fashion industry - in favour of a routine rags-to-riches tale, it loses the one thing that could have given it an edge over the Moonlighting as a cabaret act with her sister, Gabrielle finds herself rechristened Coco for her emphatic performances of the song 'Coco qui a vu Coco'.The fashionista is adept at fluttering her eyelashes one moment, then being utterly ruthless the next, meaning there's little to actually like about her.