Being disabled and dating

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Being disabled and dating - relationship advice dating for four years

Should or shouldn’t make it clear on your profile, or tell your date, that you have a disability?

I also concentrated on having my own hobbies, friends, and life.They’re not going to know the extent to which your disability affects you, or understand much about it.Being a wheelchair user myself, I have had many conversations with people who simply don’t get disabilities.I would be lying to you if I said dating is easy when you have a disability. It can be awkward, disappointing and plain old frustrating! Lying about these things will only hurt you in the end.However, I believe nothing worth having in life comes easy. By knowing your genuine self and personality, you are more likely to find someone who is right for you. You can’t expect a partner to make you happy and maintain your happiness.They didn’t know my body in the first place, so if I seemed more spastic, they didn’t know any better.

And if I felt good about my appearance, people noticed that way before they noticed my wheelchair. Focusing on your appearance doesn’t mean you need to spend lots of money to keep up with the newest trends.When someone shows interest in you, it can be exciting, awesome, thrilling and happy. Trust me, there are many people out there who will love you for being you.Don’t use your disability to stay in the wrong relationship.Or should you wait to meet the person and let them see the real you before revealing your disability on the date?Would that be classed as lying to the person if you didn’t mention it until then?If, for example, you turned up to your first date in a wheelchair, your date is likely to be surprised – and possibly annoyed – after it not having been mentioned while chatting online.

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