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Dave’s claiming that “nothing is going to change” after the baby is born, but things are already changing, and not for the better.Adding a baby to a problematic situation has never solved anything, and things are only going to get worse for you after the baby comes.

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It seems like every messaging app you’re using feels like a burden to you and provides your friends and family with another excuse to hound you when you’re trying to work.Start looking for an alternate living situation immediately.If you can’t afford a studio by yourself, find someone you can split the rent with, whether through your graduate student housing, the recommendation of other friends, or an app that screens and verifies potential roommates.As this disrupts my concentration, I have begun to put my phone in flight mode when I arrive at work.I have noticed that people can get frustrated when you don’t respond within a couple of hours. I already have loads of emails to deal with at work, and it reduces my concentration.I have learned not to be alone in a room with Dave because as soon as Sue comes in, all the air goes out.

Dave is infuriatingly noncommittal about what exactly my status with them is going to be.(I’m also going to make an official ruling and say that no one should send a follow-up about a nonemergency text sent during the workday for 12 hours.This is completely arbitrary and based solely on what seems right to me at present, but I do expect the entire world to comply immediately.) Your friends and family are being unreasonable!This is not a safe situation for you, and part of you is already aware that Dave and Sue do not have your best interests at heart if you’re able to admit that you’d be left “completely alone” if things “got ugly.” If you were in a relationship with reasonable people, you’d say something like, “Even if we broke up, although it would be difficult, I know they’d still want me to be happy and healthy.” You don’t want a child, and Dave and Sue are about to have one.You don’t want to be treated like a dirty little secret, but already you feel uncomfortable spending time alone with Dave because of the unhealthy, triangulated dynamics between the three of you.You don’t have to “wait” for the boat to capsize—you can, and should, grab a life jacket, jump overboard, and start swimming for shore.