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One officer at ground level is heard shouting, “We see muzzle flashes from the Mandalay Bay!

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Though she has been named a "person of interest" by police, she is not necessarily a criminal suspect.Another group of police is seen shouting at members of the public, some of whom are asking if the sounds are fireworks, that they should find cover and get to safety.The officers themselves shelter behind a breeze block wall, above which the Mandalay Bay can be glimpsed in the distance.The judge delivered his instructions to the jury, who will now deliberate on whether or not Cosby is guilty in the criminal case.Dinner is being brought in for the sequestered jurors and the judge said they'll go until 'a reasonable time' tonight.Cosby sat in solemn contemplation as O’Neill spoke.

With all the show - all the argument, evidence and activity of the trial - now over all that is left between him and a verdict is time.

’By way of answer O’Neill read the relevant section of Cosby’s deposition and the preceding and following paragraphs when he spoke about the night of the alleged incident and giving Andrea the pills.

He said: ‘She sat with her back to the kitchen well which is the door the door wall…our conv at that time was about concentration was about I don’t remember that clearly what it was fully about.

The jury has retired to consider their verdict after a day of breathtaking pace in Montgomery County Courthouse in which closing statements were given and the jury instructed after the defense mounted a case that lasted just six minutes.

Judge O’Neill read his instructions advising the jurors that their task was ‘one of considerable importance.’He told them to apply ‘the law as I’ve given you [it] and the facts as you find them.’ Emotion, he reminded them had no place in their deliberations, which must be impartial without sympathy, bias or concern of penalty should the verdict, be guilty.

Police bodycam footage has started to emerge from the Las Vegas shooting, revealing how officers at the country music festival frantically searched for the source of gunfire.

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