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And, most puzzling of all, what do Bil's sisters see in bow-legged two-timer Buck De Witt?Bil must answer all of these questions and more while trying to keep her relationship with Sylvie from going AWOL.

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Bil’s brother has finally succumbed to cancer and she is having trouble dealing with his death, which affects her relationship with Sylvie.Note: I read the first printing of the first Bllue Feather Books printing of this novel.Another Note: See my full reviews of over 250 other Lesbian Mystery novels at The plot sometimes wavers on the back burner, but the story is really about these unique characters in their small town. The only quibble I had was that every character had the same manner and way of speaking; just by reading the dialogue it wasn't necessarily clear who it was speaking.Otherwise, I probably would have stopped about halfway through.There is almost no justification for rating a book you have not finished.This is true, of course, for almost every book ever written, but the fact that she stated it in what almost seemed to be an apologetic manner concerned me.

I wondered about the fact that it was not published by Val MJc Dermid’s Bywater Books, which had published the first one.It’s not I recently read an unfavorable review of a book that I had enjoyed.There is almost no justification for rating a book you have not finished. Because I had enjoyed the first book in the series, my lack of interest in From Hell to Breakfast was surprising until I realized that much of what Opyr was doing in the second novel had already been done in the first—and in the same way.Subsequent books have to work around the fact that most of the descriptions and backstories and friendships have already been done.Opyr chooses to rehash these; even her best line from book 1: “I worshiped the water Sylvie Wood walked on,” is cannibalized here. She even uses the same painting on both book covers. Although Opyr got a little better the deeper she went into the story, that only emphasized the difficulty she had in trying to achieve any harmony in the beginning.Because the story involves a right-wing, bigoted local pastor, the religious tone—which includes a number of well-placed religious metaphors and similes—makes sense. But here’s the thing: Although Sylvie is a pretty good character—smart, cheerful, pretty—it’s hard, if not impossible, to understand what she sees in Bil, who never seems to actually do anything except argue with her family and make stupid decisions.