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“Saudi Arabia’s purported plans to reshape society and advance women’s rights will never succeed as long as authorities go after women for what they wear.” Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has launched an ambitious plan to reform Saudi Arabia's society — dubbed Vision 2030.Adriana is actually a boxer herself, and takes classes as her preferred form of exercise.She first discovered it 14 years ago, and last year watched Floyd Mayweather fight Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas alongside her trainer Dino Spencer. While today it’s easy to take for granted that hemlines rise and fall based on the whims of designers rather than political statement, that wasn’t always the case.In fact, the miniskirt had pretty controversial origins.The organization teaches boxing and martial arts to youth in the city, and also offers mentorships and vocational training to help keep kids on a good path.

'Not only was this shoot a memorable career moment for me, but I was also given the opportunity to raise awareness for Fight for Peace, an organization that benefits underprivileged youths in Rio,' she added.

Although the program includes some social aspects, such as the promotion of entertainment, there are doubts about whether it will be able to address the entrenched gender inequality.

One poll conducted in 2014 found that 63 percent believed that women should wear a niqab that covers all of their face except their eyes, and just 3 percent thought women not covering their hair were dressed appropriately.

“Just like we call on people to respect the laws of countries they travel to, people must also respect the laws of this country,” Saudi writer Ibrahim al-Munayif wrote on his Twitter account.

But others offered their support for the woman, suggesting her behaviour was brave and that prominent foreigners sometimes dress similarly when visiting Saudi Arabia, and they are exempted from the country's dress codes.

Saudi newspaper Okaz had reported Sunday that local officials had written a letter to the region's governor and police asking to take action against those who made the video.