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Last year, 117 players generated 20 or more homers; 29 had 20 or more stolen bases.In spring training this year, the Cubs, Rays and other teams are counseling their players on how to get the ball in the air, and are probably devoting more time to that concept than on getting a good break from first base.

Pitchers will step off, they will look over, or maybe they'll just hold the ball, doing what they can to disrupt the base runner."If you've make up your mind you're going to stop a baserunner from going," one evaluator said, "you can do that, with only a few exceptions, like Billy [Hamilton]."6.Henderson was fast and powerful in how he took bases, slamming headfirst into bases -- and wayward fielders -- like a linebacker, and undoubtedly, there were times in Henderson's career when he would come off the bag as he zoomed over it.You cannot do that anymore because of the managerial challenges and the many camera angles on slow-motion replay.But the change is not only about the focus on the hitters -- it's also in the strategy used when there's a baserunner at first base."I don't think these [players] even want someone running on the bases ahead of them," one evaluator said."I think their feeling is, you get on base and I'll go deep and drive you in."In other words: It's easier for a hitter to focus on clubbing the ball if they don't have to concern themselves with giving a runner at first an opportunity to steal a base, or be distracted by the movement of the baserunner.There were also only three in 2015 -- Gordon, Hamilton and Charlie Blackmon.

Before 2015, there hadn't been three or fewer (in any non-strike-shortened season) since 1967, when only Lou Brock and Bert Campaneris reached 40.Altuve's moneymakers are his hands and wrists; he needs to do what he can to keep that part of his body healthy.The same is true for Mike Trout and Carlos Correa, who both tore thumbs running last year and missed many weeks.For Altuve, for Trout and for a lot of front offices, the potential big-picture gain from a stolen base -- an additional 90 feet in one potential rally in one game of 162 -- might not be worth the increased risk of injury.3.Instant replay: The Nationals' Turner is among the best base stealers in the big leagues, and he mentioned an impact of replay discouraging for baseball thieves: Unlike previous generations of runners, Turner and his peers must now be absolutely sure to maintain contact with the base all the way through the end of the slide.Last year, the Braves' Julio Teheran gave up 26 steals, and opponents went 21-for-23 against the Phillies' Aaron Nola.

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