Dating the volcanic eruption at thera

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Dating the volcanic eruption at thera - Live sex cams paypal

Manning, of Cornell University, recently took radiocarbon data from sites in the southern Aegean to create a chronology for the LMIA and LMIB phases. Friedrich of Aarhus University, produced a similar date for the eruption.This data showed that the Thera eruption took place in the late 17 Century BC. A large branch of an olive tree, alive at the time of the eruption (figure 3), was discovered on Santorini having been covered by the eruption’s ash.

This enabled them to pinpoint the date of the eruption to 1613BC, with a margin of error of up to 13 years. "Precise dating of this eruption is important because the tephra layer acts as a universal time marker of Late Bronze Age contexts in the Eastern Mediterranean region." (Friedrich , p.548) The conventional dates are inconsistent with findings from carbon dating techniques.

This suggests either a defect in the conventional links to Egyptian chronologies in the mid-second millennium BC or a problem with the chronology itself.

The Egyptian chronology is considered relatively strong for the 14 Century.

It correlates well with the Mesopotamian historical chronology and also with other carbon dating evidence.

This suggests that the problem lies more with the ’interculture linkages in the mid-second millennium BC’.

Here the start of the cultural phases of Crete termed Late Minoan IA and IB (LMIA, LMIB) are put at c. These procedures produce dates which place the eruption from between 100 and 150 years earlier.

(Balter, p.508) The first serious attempt to apply radiocarbon dating to dating the eruption took place in the 1970s.Ruiha Smalley, December 2006 Introduction During the Late Bronze Age (LBA) of the Aegean a volcano erupted on the island of Thera, now known as Santorini.The eruption split the island and created the caldera that now exists (figure 1).With this in mind relative chronologies have been able to be constructed despite the controversy over absolute dates.(Balter, p.508) The conventional chronology derives from the cross study of ’material culture exchanges and stylistic associations’ between the historically dated Egyptian and Aegean cultures. The eruption of the volcano (late LMIA) is then dated c. (Manning , 2002, p.733) Conflicting evidence Evidence from C14 radiocarbon dating and other methodologies support a different argument.Professor Marinato proposed a date of 1500BC based on the synchronisation of Egyptian material such as pottery fragments and scarabs.

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