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I was raised in a large castle with a moat, a drawbridge and a personal chef.

Warning: This e-book contains sexually explicit scenes some that may contain dubious and non-consent, adult language, and graphic violence and may be considered offensive to some readers.The choice of Beyonce, for example, is just a vague grab at coolness on Pepsi’s part.Beyond that, Danica Patrick’s Go Daddy commercials make me want to root again the racing star, while Tiger Woods’ partnership with Nike (NKE) makes sense, but is also plain old boring.) I volunteer with the Atlanta Weimaraner Rescue and I enjoy playing The Sims 3.As for my writing, it was something I happened to stumble upon one day and it was something I surprisingly came to love and enjoy.When she learns that beneath his sexy exterior lies a man with a very dark nature, her fairytale quickly becomes a nightmare; one she's not sure she can escape.

More Fiendish is a dark and twisted take on Beauty and The Beast.

In fact, readers of Esquire voted him the “Best Dressed Man” just last year.

While good style, good looks and his simple “cool factor” could make Gordon-Levitt the face of just about any company, I think it would make far more sense to pair him up with one that actually cares about helping you look good. The retailer has been running the same ad campaign for years — a gray, bearded George Zimmer telling shoppers: “You’re gonna like the way you look.

His prey never suspect that lurking behind those piercing blue eyes and million dollar smile, lies a sadistic monster.

When he meets Calida, her shy nature tempts him into playing a game where the stakes end up being higher than he could have imagined.

Review by: Danielle Maracle on May 31, 2014 : WOW after reading this, I went and put the author under my favourites right away, this book is crazy and you can't stop reading wondering whats gonna happen next!