Does not support updating

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If this is your setup, head over to the Microsoft Support page to download an update for your operating system.For the last few weeks (since the June "update Tuesday") I have had the same problem on 4 different machines in 2 separate locations and networks, all running XP Pro SP3.

For Google Chrome, see Enable Flash Player for Chrome. You don’t know where the Flash Player installer has been downloaded. Open "Select * from persons", cn, ad Open Dynamic, ad Lock Optimistic End Sub--------------------------------------------What is wrong ? There is always a new solution for the same problem. Update orrs_"persons",ad Key Set,ad Lock Optimistic, ad Cmd Table Which is the way msdn opens recordsets for update (and slightly faster than 'select * from ...').For Internet Explorer, see Enable Flash Player for Internet Explorer.For Firefox on any OS, see Enable Flash Player for Firefox.But if I directlyupdate the table at the current postion, then it works. Read-only and forward-only lock and cursor types are the also the default for recordset objects.

Also, in the query it is at the right position, means uid is right, and exists in the table. Update End Sub Private Sub Form_Load()6 Set cn = New ADODB. Here is my post :- ***** I have Windows XP, SP3 which is supported by Microsoft and will be until some time in 2014.I tried to update Chrome and got this message :- "Update failed (error: 7)An error occurred while checking for updates: Installation failed because your version of Windows is not supported.I cannot believe that all four machines have developed the same fault on two different and entirely separate networks, so I feel that the problem may be at Microsoft's end, but nobody else seems to have mentioned this problem on the forums I have looked at.In my following code following error is displayed at line 4, whenever I execute the query str SQL. Anonymous If you create a recordset using connection.execute or command.execute, you will get a forward-only, read-only recordset. I have placed this post on the Chrome Forum, but the activity does not give me any confidence of an answer.