Eclipse validating cancel requested

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The Eclipse IDE version 2.0 started as a modular IDE application. Eclipse 3.0 supported reusing components of the Eclipse platform to build stand-alone applications based on the same technology as the Eclipse IDE.

In this article, I will create a framework for a simple wizard dialog that you can extend as necessary.

Here is how you can run the sample code for this article. Note that the second panel will not enable the "Next" button until the user checks a check box near the bottom.

The descriptor ensures that when the panel is about to be displayed, and when there is activity in the check box, that the ) are disabled. Since all of this functionality happens on the event dispatching thread, we need to create our own thread to simulate the connection, or the dialog will never get a change to update itself.

Parts are user interface components which allow you to navigate and modify data.

Parts can be stacked or positioned next to each other depending on the container into which they are dropped.

Note that these methods are called once upon initialization, and are then called again when the buttons are pressed.

This way, the current panel can alter the decision as to which panel should be displayed based on user-input or other external factors. If the The source code that is provided with this article contains the classes above, as well as an example dialog with three panels is provided in the test folder that you can try out to see how it all works.A part can have a drop-down menu, context menus and a toolbar.A view is typically used to work on a set of data, which might be a hierarchical structure.Then, when we need to move forward or backward, we can ask the current panel for the identifier of the next panel or the previous panel that it should traverse to.Note that the next and previous panel identifiers returned by the current panel are not guaranteed to remain constant, and may change based on context and user input.If data is changed via the view, this change is typically directly applied to the underlying data structure.

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