Error validating the default for column id newsequentialid

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Error validating the default for column id newsequentialid

It has many downsides which newid() does not, and none of the benefits - the biggest being that newid() is not practically predictable, whereas newsequentialid() is.If you are not worried about fragmentation, what's the point?

Running this in ssms results in squential guids: insert into Table_1 (Name) values('test13a'); insert into Table_1 (Name) values('test14a'); insert into Table_1 (Name) values('test15a'); insert into Table_1 (Name) values('test16a'); insert into Table_1 (Name) values('test17a'); newsequentialid is primarily to solve the issue of page fragmentation when your table is clustered by a uniqueidentifier. I set up two test tables, one where the newsequentialid column is the primary key and one where it is not (like yours), and in the primary key the GUIDs were always sequential. I do not know the internals/technical reasons it behaves that way, but it seems clear that newsequentialid() is only truly sequential when your table is clustered by it.The text of the Default Value property is inconsistent with one or more of the column's settings.The most common reason for this is that the default value does not conform to the column's data type.I am trying to add a bit field with a default value of false to an existing table using VWD 2010 Express.With the allow nulls checkbox turned off and no data in the table, any value I attempt to enter into the default value box (0,(0), ((0)), False) all produce an error when exiting the field. Thanks As per my limited knowledge , In bit column you can enter true/false or 0/1 But to make default value of this datatype only 0/1 is allowed. When NEWSEQUENTIALID() is used in DEFAULT expressions, it cannot be combined with other scalar operators.

For example, you cannot execute the following: CREATE TABLE my Table (Column A uniqueidentifier DEFAULT dbo.myfunction(NEWSEQUENTIALID())) ... When you try to add “newsequentialid()” to the “Default Value or Binding” field in the designer it keeps throwing the error “Error validating the default for column ”. I'm having newsequentialid() learning problems in sql server management studio. view the sql: CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Table_1]( [ID] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, [Name] [nvarchar](50) NOT NULL, [Unique ID] [uniqueidentifier] NOT NULL ) ON [PRIMARY] GO ALTER TABLE [dbo].[Table_1] ADD CONSTRAINT [DF_Table_1_Unique ID] DEFAULT (newsequentialid()) FOR [Unique ID] GO They don't look very sequential. Edit: I have gotten it to work somewhat if the inserts are all done at once, then the unique id is sequential.Editing tables is not possible as SQL 2005 pops the error 'Error validating the default for column 'rowguid'' Can I change (newsequentialid()) to (newid()) without any other side effects?? Chris AFAIK, the reason for introducing sequential guids was to address performance problems that many faced when using non sequential guids generated with newid(). One guy there also experiences the validating problem. Chris A positive customer journey is important in attracting and retaining business.Now, working with replication I do not have to use newsequetialid(). What I learned from the link is that newsequetialid() might be a good idea only for high I/O scenarios. To improve this experience, you can use Google Maps APIs to increase checkout conversions, boost user engagement, and optimize order fulfillment. To insert a globally unique value, create a DEFAULT definition on the column that uses the NEWID or NEWSEQUENTIALID function to generate a globally unique value.

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