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The researchers hypothesize that these childhood nudity situations normalize exhibitionism in the individual's mind.Upon finding the initial exhibition sexually arousing, the individual is inclined to repeat the exposure, further conditioning the experience.

Typically, the urges become more powerful and may be linked to a certain mood (i.e.

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Through a survey of over 600 heterosexual men in their early 20s, researchers in West Virginia found several childhood risk factors that contribute to exhibitionism urges.

Respondents who shared a bath with a female, or allowed a partner to look at their genitals, or were allowed to be nude in his mother's presence appeared to condition the experiences as pleasurable and sexually arousing.

The leading theory proposes that deviant sexual behavior is learned through stimulus/response conditioning starting in childhood.

Initially, a person becomes sexually aroused to an inappropriate object or behavior, and then continues to repeat the scenario.Over time, the deviant sexual behavior becomes associated with pleasure and sexual gratification and a paraphilic disorder develops.Most people with atypical sexual interests do not have a mental disorder however, it becomes a clinically diagnosable paraphilic disorder if the person feels mental anguish or inflicts distress on someone else as a result of their behavior.This suggests exhibitionist behavior may result from the need to satisfy an increased sexual drive. Similarly, psychopharmalogical treatments have attempted to the suppress libido of sexual deviants by interacting with sex hormones. Upon completion of the drug therapy, testosterone levels returned to baseline within two months and paraphilic sexual urges resurfaced.

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