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in the first place u need to secure a credit memo because the amount will be posted in your account.They have already earmarked the amount from the time they got hold of your credit card number.

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Recorded daw ang yung unang conversation namin na nag-aaggree ako sa offer nya. After my conversation with Nygel, I called HSBC to inform about the situation, the best thing the cs advised is to changed the card which will cost P400 para hindi na ma-credit ung transaction.

Pay Pal began as a wholly owned subsidiary of e Bay, where it was heavily used for payments between buyers and sellers of e Bay auctions.

In mid-2015, Pay Pal split off from e Bay to become its own independent company.

The service is one of the most accessible electronic payment methods in the industry because it allows anyone with an email address to sign up to send and receive payments from other individuals.

Additionally, Pay Pal has a “merchant services” division that allows businesses of all sizes to accept credit card payments, much like a normal merchant account.

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