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Gay dating coach new york - dating management

Sometimes, what you don’t know CAN hurt you, especially when it comes to your relationships.

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He’s also well-known for his writing, and his practical tips and “how-to” articles are popular reads all over the World Wide Web and are sought after for inclusion in other business’ newsletters, blogs, and websites.

A consummate professional and a whimsical ham, Brian offers both the educational resources and the personality to help make a difference in this much-needed area of gay life.

Historically, there have minimal resources available to the gay community for fostering positive and affirming identities, particularly in the area of relationships.

When I finally sought out Jay for advice, I really didn't expect him to be much help, but I was desperate and willing to try anything!

Yet, after forcing myself to listen to Jay's advice & practice his methods, I have been able to end my pattern of self-sabotage and create an ideal relationship with a partner who treats me exactly the way I've always wanted to be treated. I’ll only be offering a limited amount of free coaching sessions so please hurry and request your session now while it’s still available so we can discuss how you can finally get the love and adoration you deserve.

BRIAN RZEPCZYNSKI"The Gay Love Coach"Dating, Relationship, & Sex Expert for the Gay Community Brian Rzepczynski holds a Doctorate Degree in human sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and a Master’s Degree in clinical social work from Western Michigan University and has been practicing as a psychotherapist for the past 18 years.

Recognizing the significant void that exists in our society for information and assistance for the gay community on how to establish and maintain healthy and successful gay relationships, Brian founded “The Gay Love Coach: Man 4 Man Coaching Services” ( in 2003 to help meet this need.

His business has also attracted media attention, landing him a co-authorship book deal for the 2005 self-help book “A Guide to Getting It: Purpose & Passion”, was previously signed by Gretna Green, a media production company affiliated with William Morris Endeavor Entertainment for participation in a television show that was never launched, and he has become a consistent point of reference for interviews for print media on gay relationships and dating, including The Chicago Tribune, Esquire Magazine, and multiple citations with, as well as an honorary mention on the blog of television network channel Logo’s TV show “My Fabulous Gay Wedding” for partnership with one of their affiliates.

He is also the resident love advice columnist for multiple print and web-based newspapers and dating sites and appeared as a guest on World Talk Radio’s radio show “Single Talk” discussing the “Top 10 Secrets for Gay Dating Success.” He has also been hired as a workshop presenter across the country giving talks and seminars on topics related to gay dating, relationships, and sexuality.

The man of your dreams is still out there, just waiting for you to find him. Take this simple quiz to find out if you’re really ready Jim is a Relationship, Marriage & Life Coach.

Boyfriend 101 is available through Amazon I have eight basic, fundamental, core, life- defining questions you need to ask yourself as a man who is married or who thinks of getting married.

But through sheer hard work and determination (and a little bit of luck) I was able to turn it all around and enjoy some truly AMAZING relationships with incredibly loving and loyal women.

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