Harvest moon 64 dating guide

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Harvest moon 64 dating guide - Grannies live chat

Her dream sequence involves a time when long ago when the player's character and Elli were kids and got sick together eating mudpies.

If you help her yourself, her appreciation toward you will increase.Elli works at the bakery with the bakery master and can be found there every day of the week except Sundays and Mondays.On Mondays, she may be found near the river or the Goddess Pond unless it is raining.If it is raining, she may be found in the Green Ranch barn if it isn't a Thursday (Green Ranch closes on Thursdays).Her dream sequence is about when she broke her arm climbing a tree when you were kids.This is a list of the various characters that you will run into during the game.

Many of the characters, such as Ellen's grandmother Elli, are descendants of characters in the original Harvest Moon for SNES.There are three types of characters: eligible girls, bachelors, other villagers, and other minor characters.These are the characters that you can woo, marry, and, eventually, have a child with.To propose, you will need a kitchen and a blue feather, but more on that later.Ann is the red headed daughter of the Green Ranch owner. She can usually be found on Green Ranch or by the Goddess Pond when it is not raining.Elli is the only eligible girl in the game whose parents do not make an appearance.

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