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It is best to limit saturated fats, such as those found in meat, full-fat dairy products, fast food, and cookies.

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Good sources of protein include: Dairy products also provide protein, calcium, and vitamin D.However, a healthful diet can help manage hepatitis C and prevent complications and related conditions from developing. It is especially important to avoid fatty foods and alcohol if a person is worried about their liver health. However, fat can also cause abnormalities, such as a fatty buildup in the liver, leading to cirrhosis.People with hepatitis C should try to consume unsaturated fats, such as those in nuts and seeds, olive oil, and fish oils.Cereals, breads, and grains are all examples of complex carbohydrates and are packed with B vitamins and minerals, as well as zinc and fiber.

Complex carbohydrates include: Small amounts of fat and oils are important to store energy, protect body tissues, and transport vitamins round the blood.Furthermore, people with hepatitis C are at an increased risk of developing diabetes.This means that a healthful diet is even more crucial for reducing body fat and controlling blood sugar.A healthful diet can improve the liver health of a person with hepatitis C and reduce the chance of developing cirrhosis.Eating well helps keep the immune system strong to fight off illness.There is believed to be a link between hepatitis C and blood sugar levels, which can increase the risk of developing diabetes. Foods high in sugar, such as pastries, desserts, and candy, are high in calories but have little to no nutritional value, and can cause spikes in blood sugar.

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