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Reportedly within a couple of hours, Hailee’s manager had contacted Leah’s family saying she would be there.

Question regarding giving of phone numbers and safety.

Us Weekly reported Perry and Bloom enjoyed lunch at Savoy restaurant before heading out for some sightseeing.

Sources said the pair visited Prague Castle, Golden Lane and Stravhov Monastery.

I know she was supposed to come to my show this summer, so I wanted to come here and sing a song for her." Hailee then sang an acoustic version of "Starving." Leah died in a go-karting crash while on winter break in Florida last Thursday.

One of her teachers reached out to Hailee on Twitter Tuesday, inviting her to the vigil and the tweet quickly gained more than 1,900 retweets.

They give you their phone number, and then avoid you. But it is less embarrassing/painful than refusing to give it to you straight. and they never call, dont know what to tell you, good luck, I know mine has been bad as far as getting calls back! You left a message that was rude or just plain unsexy2. After thinking about it for a few days she realized that she was just not into you.

Oh, or she was in a state of chemical and/or situational euphoria when she gave it to you, and then she came down.ooooo.. Her circumstances changed from the time she met you to the time you back together with boyfriend, was hung up on a guy...thought she could date other people..realized she was really into him3. I really don't know why anyone woruld give a wrong #, or not returning a message left.Not to be mean, but why do men give out *wrong* numbers?I don't think you can answer my question any more than I can answer yours. If I give you my number, I'll answer or call you back if I can't get to the phone.I've had men either give *me* the wrong number, or give someone else my number.Of course, these were guys that I didn't know, and I'd get some giggling drunk woman (or women) on the phone in the middle of the night asking for so-and-so and then they would get REALLY angry when I'd have to tell them (sometimes they would call 2 or 3 times, just to make damn sure that they really had a wrong number) that they have the wrong number.The 33-year-old singer was spotted with the 41-year-old actor Wednesday in the Czech Republic amid reconciliation rumors.