Ingrid betancourt marc gonsalves dating

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Ingrid betancourt marc gonsalves dating

Reality is painful, life is difficult, and someday it may be painful and difficult for you too.You must know this and prepare yourself for it" (Harper Collins Publishers, 2002, 18).

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As Ingrid explained to their first group of potential backers: "We've been working in the wings of government for three years now.A third project was developing and honoring patents, which would have increased foreign trade, helping the country to rise out of poverty.All of these proposals had been thwarted or undermined when brought to her superiors.It's thanks to Colombia that you have come to know Europe, that you've gone to the best schools and lived in a cultural luxury no young Colombian will ever experience.Because you've had so many opportunities, you now have a debt to Colombia.Her mother, Yolanda Pulecio, was a former Miss Colombia who later served in Congress, representing the poor southern neighborhoods of Bogotá and was well-known there for her work in the creation of the Albergue, the first children's shelter in the nation.

It is the best-known children's aid organization in the Colombian capital.

The assassination of Luis Carlos Galán in August 1989, a candidate for the Colombian presidency running on an anti-drug-trafficking platform, impacted Ingrid so much that she returned to her native Colombia determined to do something to help her country.

She returned to her country in January 1990, leaving her family in Los Angeles, an environment safer than Colombia at that time. In February 1997, Ingrid wed Juan Carlos Lecompte, a Colombian advertising agent whom she met during her tenure in the House of Representatives.

When Ingrid was thirteen years old her family returned to Colombia.

During this time her Father counseled her, "Colombia has given us a great deal.

These included such things as development of the Pacific Coast, pursuing clean water, safe housing and the development of local hospitals.

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