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BE: I read you studied ballet for the part, but you don’t dance in the movie. In the end, we spoofed “Mama” more and cut some of the “Black Swan” stuff. BE: Did you pick up any of Jessica Chastain’s characteristics in “Mama”?

With Jessica Chastain, the wig and the whole outfit helped me get into it. I like it when they leave it up to your imagination. The pair recently sat down with Bullz-Eye to discuss “Scary Movie 5,” the latest chapter of the comedy series, featuring parodies of films like “Mama” and “Paranormal Activity,” as well as non-horror movies like “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and “Black Swan.” BULLZ-EYE: When did you guys get to see “Mama,” which is the main plot of the movie? SIMON REX: We shot for about a 10-day reshoot when we got back to L. ASHLEY TISDALE: It was a lot of work with really long days. The movies we spoofed were already a year or two old. “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” wasn’t really a horror movie, so it needed some current horror stuff.ASHLEY TISDALE: I saw it opening weekend, just because I wanted to go see the movie. ASHLEY TISDALE: I came out of the theaters and texted the producers and said, “We should be spoofing ‘Mama’ because it works so well.” Then, Phil [Beauman] said, “We’re actually going to spoof ‘Mama’.” BE: How much did the additional “Mama” shooting entail? With “Evil Dead,” which isn’t even out yet, we spoofed the trailer. SIMON REX: I’m more of a fan of the comedy genre or spoofs like this, from Mel Brooks to all of David Zucker’s movies. ASHLEY TISDALE: I’ve always been scared of scary movies, because I live by myself. I had already humped a potted plant and that was nerve-wracking.It’s fine that everybody’s watching.” I do remember the hardwood chair hitting me from behind and I looked from behind like I was all into it. BE: Did you feel that you had to outdo what’s been previously done in the “Scary Movie” films?Simon was like, “You’re getting slammed by a chair right now.” And I just started hysterically laughing. (laughs) They were saying, “Do it harder.” And I said, “It’s hardwood. ASHLEY TISDALE: As a comedian, I like to just go for things and go for the joke.Every single time they’d say, “Oh, he’s going to hit you from behind,” or, “You’re going to land in a toilet,” I’d say, “Ok, cool…

just make sure of the water.” (laughs) BE: Was it ever awkward for you and the prop guy? (laughs) BE: In the closing credits, Erica [Ash] had her fingers in your mouth a lot. ASHLEY TISDALE: It’s funny, because I had just been through a lot in this production.Can't we celebrate a culture without being accused of appropriation??? Listen to The Perez Hilton Podcast with Chris Booker directly at Podcast!Ashley Tisdale and Simon Rex have different credits to their comedic resumes, but both seem ideal for the latest incarnation of “Scary Movie.” While Tisdale is the idol of kids, tweens, and more than a few adults with her weekly portrayal of Candace Flynn on the Disney Channel animated series “Phineas and Ferb,” Simon is a veteran of the franchise, having starred in the last two installments.He said, “Every time I hear your voice, I think I’m busted.” I’m like, “Oh my gosh.” I do an animation series called “Phineas and Ferb,” so I get that a lot. We trained for a month and [they] just cut it right out. I have a character called Dirt Nasty that’s a very dirty rapper. SIMON REX: Because she sings really beautifully and I rap really comedic. It’s so funny, but I have all these comedians that I look up to who love it. (laughs) With this type of movie, you just have to roll with it. BE: Will you guys be approaching it more as an action blockbuster and less with the religious aspects? SIMON REX: I’m doing a spoof of telenovelas called “El Gringo Loco” and she’s in an episode with me. The cool part is that it really blends well together.

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