Is rocky dating deuce

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Is rocky dating deuce - who is whitney cummings dating in real life

Rocky is quite reserved and thinks logically before acting, which causes her to be pushed around by Ce Ce to take more risks.

She also freaked out a lot if something bad happened but she always does it anyway by being persuaded by team that will be featured in the new Japanese dance video game, Shake It Up. Although Rocky keeps herself busy by dancing at parties and with the spirit squad, she does miss dancing on Shake It Up, Chicago! Rocky is confident about her audition, but is not hired as a dancer.While they are in Japan, Rocky speaks out against Mr. During season three, Rocky must find other options than Shake It Up, Chicago! Although Rocky tries to pretend that she isn't bothered by this, Ce Ce sees through her act and continues to help her earn her spot back.In Season 3 Rocky is unable to attend school for the first time ever as she is quarantined in Lock It Up after she chose to help at the hospital.Rocky at first was very scared if this happened and was scared of "big kids", she was unsure of herself and wasn't sure if she should follow her dancing dream or not by auditioning for Shake It Up, Chicago!Rocky loves dancing and wants to pursue it, much to the early disapproval from her father ("Doctor It Up").

She likes "Pride and Prejudice," but thinks it is about romance.She values learning and has a perfect attendance record.Unlike her red headed best friend, Ce Ce, she values school and takes honors classes.In the second season, Ce Ce and Gunther were given a spotlight dance, as well as a spot on Good Morning, Chicago.Rocky was jealous of them and was tempted to try to join Tinka in her attempts to get the spot for herself.Phil allows her to reaudition, but Rocky messes up.

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