Is the nostalgia chick dating todd

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Is the nostalgia chick dating todd

One reviews comic books on the Internet, the other is an inept sorceress.

Nathanson and Lindsay Ellis are actually dating off-camera.

These are much more historical than his other reviews, as he goes into detail over the background of the artists, describes what the one hit was about and what the performers did after that.

Todd's popularity on the site led him to get invited to group contributions on TGWTG, including crossover reviews, the anniversary specials and panels at conventions.

A former You Tube poster, Todd is known for primarily making snarky reviews of recent pop music - all while never showing his face on camera.

The setting for Todd's show is to have him in a dark room with just enough light cast to depict him as a silhouette while sitting at his keyboard.

It is in this venue that he comments on pop musicals and their songs, mixing legitimate gripes about the music with humorous commentary.

Todd also produces a series called "One Hit Wonder," focusing on performers over the years that only had a single hit in their careers.

When the unthinkable happens, Cinema Snob seeks solace with his best friend, whether he's willing to admit it or not.

As he struggles to understand what's happening, memories begin to flood his mind - and they may hurt Snob more than help.

He had given his order to a waitress, and she had brought over the five drinks he had requested- two root beers, an iced tea, a chocolate milkshake, and a lemonade- but the Chicago-style pizza wouldn't arrive for another five minutes.

Anxiously he tapped his fingers against the table, waiting for the others to arrive.

He quickly finds another person who requires his time - and it may be exactly what they've both needed.

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