Jon gosselin dating octomom

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Jon gosselin dating octomom

Apparently his reps wanted the deets on the compensation, location, and what Homewrecking Hailey Glassman could contribute to the show! Elevator Productions are offering Jon $1 million plus all expenses paid!

“Jon is not interested in this type of television show,” he said, before adding, quite ironically: “He could take the offer and look like a joke, but he wants to take the path of seriousness.” News of the show emerged just last week.Octomom would not get into details about the relationship, but said, “The babies are wonderful. Even if things don’t work out with Jon, I hope to keep those babies forever.” She then demanded payment for any future comments. After publicly denouncing he had any involvement whatsoever with the Octomom dating reality show, it's now being reported that Jon Gosselin and his reps were corresponding about the show via e-mail with Elevator Productions.The pair would then meet up at Octomom's house and go on a date to "a local restaurant and movie or something." That's a lot of money for Jon to turn down.We still think this could happen if his latest "reformed man" publicity stunt doesn't pan out!This sounds disturbing, but the whispers don’t come as a total surprise.

After all, Nadya has confessed to having a bit of a Love Jones for Kate’s once-whipped penis supplier.

Jon Gosselin is not going to hook up with Octomom for a TV special, because his "spiritual advisors" had a bad feeling about the project. We got a statement that Jon's "talent" agent sent to the producers of "Jon - Kate = Jon Octomom" saying, "While Jon appreciates the consideration and the potential revenues that it offers, after reviewing with both the management team and his spiritual advisors Jon has decided it is not in his best interest to pursue a show of this nature."The "Dear Jon" letter continues, "...

it is important to Jon to focus on his family and repairing the relationship that Jon and Kate need to have, both for themselves and for the sake of their children."That's Jon Gosselin for you -- always doing the Lord's work.

Gatecrasher has seen the e-mail exchange between the show’s producers and Gosselin’s camp, in which the scorned reality dad’s managing team inquires about shooting locations, the role of his girlfriend Hailey Glassman and a kill fee if the show is not picked up.

Meanwhile, Goldstein told The News’ Cristina Everett that he is indeed shopping the show around — but as a two-hour special to air on Super Bowl Sunday.

This speculation was confirmed by Jon when he proudly declared, “Octomom and her children are the best fifteen things that have ever happened to me!