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” (Laughs) I am with everyone on that one, like, “Are you telling me Sam is smarter than Anna (Finola Hughes)? MICHAEL: So let’s talk your upcoming episode of ABC Family’s that airs on February 4th as the first part of the crossover between GH and the sitcom. KELLY: I am playing Sam and Kelly in the same episode. I get it if you need to perfect a different character each time you work to know what you are doing. (Laughs) KELLY: I didn’t have to, as I would have someone go talk to the powers-that-be for me, or on my behalf.” This bitch is smart insisting, “That guy is the one who took me hostage! The way I visualized it was being an overacting soap opera actress, and being a diva actress. But playing a character for so long and having people fall in love with that, and then me going in and analyzing that, and taking away the traits that people responded to … MICHAEL: Are you happy with your story on GH right now? But we would speak together as a team, and whoever’s voice was bigger that’s who went to talk to the brass.

I feel like we got that combination and we got that combination, and there are two more half combinations they are working on before we get the gold …and I have watched this stuff for a very long time! So, I went to our executive producer Frank Valentini, and I pleaded with him.I said Frank, “I just hung out with Billy Miller and he is gone from Y&R, and if anyone is going to play Jason, it’s going to be him.If Steve Burton can’t do it, it’s got to be Billy.” I really also felt that if it’s not going to be Billy, then it’s not going to be anybody. I love the fact with Billy, (and I haven’t had that since Steve Burton) where your directors and producers trust you enough that during rehearsal you can play around so hard.I am not saying I had a hand in hiring him, but through the powers-that-be, lo and behold, Billy was here. MICHAEL: But currently, Sam has a very antagonistic relationship with “Jake”, AKA Jason, who has been trying to kill her! (Laughs) MICHAEL: And now Billy Miller is adding humor to the character, and bringing his unique style and delivery to the role, which is quite a contrast to Steve Burton, and I had loved Steve’s work as Jason over the years, too! I will be laughing so hard with Billy, and then when we go to tape, you are just there in the moment.Playboy subscribers might remember her as the Playmate for April 1997, while some others might also know her for her role in the soap opera Port Charles, where she played the character, Livvie Locke, from 1997 till 2003.

See Also: Bitsie Tulloch Married, Husband, Family, Wiki, Bio Kelly Monaco, an American of white ethnicity, was born on 23 May of 1976, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, to Albert “Al” and Camina Monaco.

” I was not trying to be awful to him, but I was kind of taking on the persona of what they were writing! ” And, Eileen sat there so composed; I don’t know how she did that. I would have gotten on top of that table, (because Brandi is too tall) taken my shoe off, and knocked her teeth out! They are patient, because I will disappear for awhile. They will know something in my universe is not working out right now. KELLY: I think a part of me is a lost soul, and people have felt that, and want to care for that, or are that, too … KELLY: I think Ron came into a very difficult situation, and how dark we were.

That was one of the most disrespectful things I have seen. I am a fifteen year soap opera actress, and I am cool with that. MICHAEL: Might I also add, you have some of the most loyal and dedicated fans I have seen! And to add some shade and light to all the darkness, and come up with a perfect gray, is a hard balance.

Charlotte Casiraghi, of Monaco’s royal family, was a vision on the red carpet this weekend as she attended the LACMA Art and Film Gala in L. The 31-year-old journalist was rumored to be at the event with a high-profile date… Casiraghi is the second child of Princess Caroline of Hanover and her late husband Stefano Casiraghi, who died in a powerboat accident in 1990, and is the granddaughter of the late Prince and Princess of Monaco, Rainier III and actress Grace Kelly. Princess Grace, who died in a car crash following a stroke in 1982, would have turned 88 this weekend.

The life of Port Charles Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) is really heating up these days!

and then I think it will be an easy breezy smooth sailing.