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A place where most people never leave, but if they do, they certainly never go back.I left when I was 14 and a cloud of hopelessness hung heavy overhead as I watched it disappear in my rearview mirror for the last time I'd ever see it again. that fog never left me—the greyness of another weekend, the rattle of a teaspoon in dirty coffee cup and the sound of spit and tires at the bus stop…

But, for instance, when we were chatting outside the club with truckers we were never attempting to make fun of them, just engage and listen.But you also spend a fair bit of time with the truckers, portraying a few (especially the blind man) with a degree of empathy. Leite and Roxo: It was hard to balance those two narratives. Before that we were thinking, “Wow, shit, what if we don’t get to get to know these girls?I think at times we had to ask ourselves, wait who is this about? We don’t want this to be just about us.” Naturally it took some time to build their trust.The piece that went online with Vice is a compromise of those things.Our first cut was way more experimental and out there. We have and our friends have, done difficult and controversial types of work to get by and understand that it is a sensitive subject.We didn’t want to lie to people ever or do anything harmful to people.

We weren’t interested in making a type of piece but just being ourselves.Future episodes are currently in development, and you can track the duo’s Facebook page for updates.Filmmaker: How did the idea for the show come together?But in the end the girls really opened up to us and became our friends during that time.Filmmaker: From a purely technical perspective, how are you juggling the wide cast of characters with a documentary approach?) We were brainstorming ways to make money quick and I mentioned stripping, just as a joke initially, ’cause I could never see myself being able to actually do that job… But then we both started thinking that this could be a really interesting experience to document.

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