No sex after 3 months of dating

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For the sex part she would say soon, or it will happen when it happens. Have you two ever had a conversation about what you each are looking for out of your dating journeys? A woman does not have to have sex with a man to be in love with him. A woman does not have to have sex with a man to be in love with him. She won't call me her Boyfriend because she wants me to become her bestfriend as well.

I won't bore you by starting from the very beginning (let's just say I did everything write enough to get her to go out with me) but instead start with the beginning of the problem.She only agreed to stay with him because he promised not to touch her anymore. In between breaking up with him and getting with me, she says she got REALLY drunk one night and had a one night stand with a guy (which simultaneously suprised me and pissed me off). I told her that, although I'm sympathetic to her situation, I think she needs some help or needs to at least talk about this with me because it's clearly affecting this relationship.She says she doesn't wanna talk about it, but swears that she really likes me and wants to be with me.She swears she's attracted to me, but when I asked her if she wants me sexually she rarely admits it.I accuse her of just wanting me as a friend , or just a pillow boyfriend, but she swears this isn't that case. We've gotten to the point where we joke around about this situation, even with me teasing her by saying i'm the only guy with a GF who's not sexually attracted to him. It sucks because you know she wants to, but just can't.She says he left because things weren't getting better, but she realized she really loved him afterwards but was too proud to get him back.

The last one she had sex with twice, but refused anymore after this.

She won't call me her Boyfriend because she wants me to become her bestfriend as well. I mean is she looking for a boyfriend for herself in the long run really? For now, I'd say, date others and hope that you find someone who is on the same page with you.

I dont get it though, we would kiss(not make out kiss), cuddle, act like a couple when were out but dont want me to call me her boyfriend cause of that and no sex. Are you treating her to dates and doing things that cost money?

She still doesn't talk about sex, doesn't like to do it, and pretty much thinks it's disgusting. Okay, believe it or not, here comes the interesting part.

The last time we tried this, I said "God Dammit" and sat on the edge of the bed. I finally managed to get some intel out of her after about 2 months of this shit happening.

I pre-gamed it pretty good, made sure there was no resistance. She said "look, can you just leave it." If there ever was a boner killer (for me) it's those words. In fact, I'm not turned on unless she's turned on, so this totally killed it for me the first time this happened.

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