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Stevensite can be found on Mars, and in some places on Earth.The clay mineral has been used since ancient times by Nubian women as a beauty treatment.

Another is to simply depict them as being bad at a given language they claim to speak well. Can easily overlap with the Communications Officer.

Something I did wonder once after seeing a pretty old wheeled toy from that area.

They were the most advanced civilisation (not too strong a word, they had small cities) of Neolithic Europe, and were one of the first cultures to use metal. C One of the more interesting points from it was that word for wheel you find in other languages seems to have a root in the PIE word to turn/rotate.

The results of the shortest-path analysis of the POAs could be consistent with their position, since they suggest that Çatal Höyük falls in the region adjacent to the one with the maximum R-values We concur with Özdoan’s assertion that “an unbiased reassessment of the evidence strongly implies that there were multiple paths in the westward movement of the Neolithic way of life” ([36], pp. Aceramic Neolithic levels at sites on Cyprus (late ninth millennium BC [calibrated]), Crete and the Argolid (eight and early seventh millennia BC [calibrated]) are strongly suggestive of an initial population dispersal wave from one or more centers in the Near East [37].

At the present time, it is unclear whether farming reached south-east Europe by means of a secondary demic expansion from Anatolia or as a continuation of the initial dispersal involving Cyprus, Crete, and mainland south-east Greece.

In any event, Figure 3B does provide, at this stage of research, spatial information regarding differing grades of likelihood for tracing the origins of agriculture.

Proto-Indo-European speakers of the Late Tripolye culture as the inventors of wheeled vehicles: Linguistic and archaeological considerations Suggesting the Cucuteni-Tripolye as the source of PIE.This is consistent with the prediction of demic diffusion (0.6–1.1 km/y).An interpolative map of correlation coefficients, obtained by using shortest-path distances, shows that the origins of agriculture were most likely to have occurred in the northern Levantine/Mesopotamian areatime at which the spread began can be estimated, under the same hypothesis of linearity (straight fits in Figure 2), to fall within the interval of 9,000–10,500 years before present (BP; uncalibrated years) or 10,000–11,500 BP (calibrated years)’; as domesticates turn up at about 10,500 in Cyprus, which would suggest the expansion started prior to then, which would suggest domestication of animals could be as much as 11,500 years old in the Mesopotamian area.We perform a linear fit of distance versus age (and vice versa) for each center.For certain centers, high correlation coefficients (R 0.8) are obtained.Scientists have found that the earliest living organisms on Earth were capable of creating this mineral, named Stevensite.

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