Sedating side effects

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Antihistamines are a group of medicines which act by blocking the action of the chemical called histamine in the body.

Read the leaflet that comes with your particular brand for further information.Antihistamines are also used in the treatment of feeling sick (nausea) and being sick (vomiting).However, the exact way that they ease these symptoms is not fully understood.Antihistamines come as: An antihistamine tablet typically starts to work within 30 minutes after being taken.The peak of effectiveness is typically within 1-2 hours after being taken.If these receptors are affected, you may experience some of the side-effects associated with antihistamines.

For example, dry mouth, blurred vision and retention of urine.While both types of medicine block the actions of histamine, they work on different receptors in different systems of the body.Some of these medicines are available to buy over the counter from your pharmacist. These medicines come in a variety of forms, as mentioned above.These effects are mainly caused by the older first-generation antihistamines which are described below.Note: antihistamines should not be confused with H2 blockers which reduce the production of stomach acid.They have a number of uses, but are most often used to treat allergies.