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Sex chat niagara

The area is known for brutal winters and vast amounts of snow, thanks to the phenomenon known as ‘lake-effect snow’, a meteorological event that’s the result of cold air from the Midwest flowing over the warmer Great Lakes.

Alternatively, the 520-foot Skylon Tower offers an indoor observation deck for those who want to see the frozen tundra without the wind burn.

My voyages on the boat, sailing around the lower basin below the falls, were a touristy but awe-inspiring favourite.

Draped in a thin blue poncho and soaked in coconut-scent sunscreen and waterfall spray, the thundering rush of cooling water and endless rainbows never failed to impress. With temperatures dipping well below freezing and forecast to remain frigid for at least another week, the area is an icy spectacle packed with locals, tourists and those seeking the perfect Instagram shot.

It’s so cold that snow crunches under our feet as we take a brisk walk on the promenade along Horseshoe Falls: one of the three enormous waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls.

While 3,160 tons of water (or 600,000 gallons) typically rush over Niagara Falls every second, the slushy current is braking to a lumbering flow today as it struggles to push through partially frozen passages.

It’s crowded, with people lining up and circling around the visitors’ centre.

I wrap my hands around a black coffee, getting the needed jolt to dash back out after the sun goes down.The mist coats everything in a layer of ice, including the wisps of my hair peeking out from my earflap hat.After an hour outside I feel like Luke Skywalker in that scene in To warm up, I head inside to Tim Hortons, Canada’s favourite coffee-shop chain.The nightly light show – which beams multi-coloured illuminations over the falls – turns nature’s ancient attraction shades of red, blue, purple and yellow.Niagara Falls and Buffalo (the city to the south) are accustomed to extreme weather.NCC Secondary School students are surrounded by enthusiastic and loving teachers who clearly communicate course content integrating faith, values, and knowledge.