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This is Nowadays, Shop Assistants usually get lumped under the C86 category, a (sub)genre description I’ve never been that comfortable with, albeit it beats terms like shambling, cutie or anorak.

Deer come down from the moors in the winter to graze in the garden and, if you’re lucky, you might spot a wild cat or a capercaillie.

Neither was I ever someone guaranteed to get excited by that many so-called ‘C86’ acts.

A frenetic and fuzzboxy, Buzzcocks meets The Velvets rudimentary sound like Shop Assistants, then fuck yeah!

There is a new car park by the farmyard, park here and walk down. You enter Inshriach waters half a mile from Loch Insh, 2 miles later keep your eyes peeled for a yurt on your right hand side. Book with us in confidence knowing you won’t find that place cheaper elsewhere.

By train Aviemore Station is 5 miles from Inshriach. All of the prices we display are set and matched by our Owners.

That autumn Sarah Neale joined their ranks as bassist and the following spring a pair of drummers came onboard, Laura Mc Phail and Ann Donald. This was their sole release on 53rd & 3rd, a label set up early in 1986 by David and Stephen Pastel with help from Sandy Mc Lean.

Named after the Ramones classic, the imprint proved highly influential across the globe with releases including singles by BMX Bandits, The Vaselines and Beat Happening.As Buba and The Shop Assistants, they recorded only one single, fanzine), Moray and John supplying the music together with a guest appearance from Stephen Pastel, who also produced the record and designed the sleeve.The single may have been a pretty limited release but it displayed plenty of promise and was championed by Peter Easton on his Radio Scotland show Not long after the release of that debut single in the summer of 1984, Aggi left the now Edinburgh based band to join The Pastels – replaced on vocal duties by Alex Taylor, Alex and David forming a new nucleus of the band, ditching the Buba part of the name and losing their rhythm section.Now there’s a show I would likely have avoided like a Coldplay convention.Mercifully, the music was far superior to the moniker.The festival features some of the hottest folk and emerging acts from across Scotland.

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