Speed dating in phoenix arizona

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Speed dating in phoenix arizona - business dating site web

Prior to the meeting, the market will be hosting its first quarterly “Speed Dating for Canna Jobs.” As the name suggests, prospective employees will quickly meet and introduce themselves to licensed industry employers offering quality jobs in the cannabis industry.

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There are students from the University and every day, new people come to visit and decide to stay forever.Because of this, the population of this booming city is varied and extremely diverse.The city has cultural influences from Native Americans, South America, and even Europe. In keeping with the Valentine’s Day theme of Love Is in the Air, the topic of the meeting is “Sex and Cannabis,” with special guest speaker Antuanette Gomez, CEO of Pleasure Peaks and the Toronto Canada Women Grow market leader.She will discuss sexual health and tantra with the use of cannabis.As the youngest state in the continental United States, Arizona is known for the Grand Canyon and a breathtaking desert landscape.

People who hate being cold love Phoenix because it is always warm in the winter and hot in the summer.

There have been people in the Phoenix area for thousands of years.

Today you can see signs of ancient Native Americans, such as in petroglyphs they left on large stones now in the White Tank Mountain Regional Park.

Phoenix itself was founded in the mid-1800s, by a Civil War veteran who took advantage of the Native American canals already constructed in the foothills.

New waterways were built over the old canal routes, effectively turning the area into a perfect place to farm and live.

Many positions are entry level positions, however employers are also seeking seasoned professionals.

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