Starcraft 2 not updating

16-Feb-2018 05:29 by 7 Comments

Starcraft 2 not updating - Naughty skype chat rooms

As I'm typing this I realize you are not updating, but reconfiguring, which has nothing to do with your internet speed. If your hard drive is slow, writing to it will be slow and updating a game might take long (not 30 minutes for 0.1% though).

I was away from my computer for around seven months, and very little was changed in it while I was gone.

Another thing is your internet connection itself, if your connection is slow, the updating process will be slow.

If you are using a wireless connection, try putting a cable in and see if that helps.

The launcher clearly states not to close the Launcher, what should I do to speed up (or restart) this process? Configure your Firewall, Proxy, Router and Ports for the Blizzard Downloader See our Firewall, Proxy, Router and Ports Configuration guide for assistance. Disable your security program: (AVAST, AVG, AVIRA ANTIVIR, MCAFEE ANTIVIRUS, etc.) Note: I haven't played SC2 so this information might not be 100% accurate, but I have played D3 and Wo W and I think they use pretty much the same launcher, but for a different game.

Any security and anti-virus programs can be blocking the update. This answer is based on those two launchers, and I'm assuming here the SC2 launcher works in the same way.

If you’re interested in upgrading in advance, simply click the button below. The new single sign-on functionality allows players to log in once to access World of Warcraft, Star Craft II, Diablo III, and the upcoming PC and Mac versions of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and stay logged in for up to 30 days.

Players can also install games directly through the app and, if you choose to leave the app running on your desktop, keep them up-to-date automatically even while you’re away from your computer.Upon return, I tried to run Starcraft 2, and when the patcher came up I immediately received a runtime error, a snip of which can be seen here: Otf3.Unfortunately I do not have a helpful System Restore point. I have been back and forth for a couple of days with Blizzard support on this and they are as baffled as I am.Disabling your firewall should not matter, unless your configuration is non-standard (you or your network administrator tweaked the settings).Your virus scanner, however, can greatly hold back anything, so disabling it might help a lot.See Versus Protoss for why Adepts are not common there.

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