Tall girls intimidating to guys

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Tall girls intimidating to guys - dating syria arabic site ar

I'm not into the body beautiful thing - I admire perfectly buff guys the way I'd admire a woman. Most of the men I've dated in the past have been over 6 ft, so tall and well-built is definately attractive.

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I quite like muscular guys, my oh is tall and muscular, but the tight t-shirt just screams vanity to me, it's like they have to show off they're muscles at every opportunity.

The ones who go for small women are in the minority.

Panda, be grateful you don't have to wear horrible heels when you're out to get yourself heard at the bar! His lack of "pulling" I'd say is down to his attitude, if he's shy, girls may think he's not interested/taken.

We've been approached at the end of the night a couple of times by women (after they've had a few) who didn't want to come up to us earlier because they thought we were intimidating.

I certainly don't go out of my way to look intimidating but I have been told by a fair few smaller women in work and in public that they find me intimidating and therefore unapproachable Its a bit annoying because I'm attracted to smaller petite women Most tall men I know go for tall women which seems reasonable enough.

If someone is very good-looking and looks like they spend a little too much time in the gym then it's prob a turn off for me.

Not that fitness is a turn off, cos I'm a big fan of the gym and exercise in general, but I'd prob stereotype a man like that (wrong, I know!

There are a lot of things that tall women have to struggle with, such as finding pants of dresses long enough.

Nonetheless, they also have some perks, since there are numerous men who like big women.

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Tbh, it didn't make much sense at the time, still doesn't to me, but perhaps it'll mean something to a woman? I wouldn't be intimidated by tall guys at all and I'm only 5"2.