Updating a dresser

27-Jan-2018 22:16 by 2 Comments

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I wanted to find a way I could use this gift-wrap where I could enjoy the pattern in my daily life instead of only wrapping gifts with it and giving it away.

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Some of the styles of dressers I don’t recommend are the oak styles with rounded edges from the 90’s.

I have never seen those refinished and looking good, nothing can update that style.

Try a high gloss finish to give it an even newer look.

I do like some styles of distressing and glazing, but if you are going for a new, updated look, then a polished, sleek finish is best.

However, a gorgeous, traditional dresser with legs and doors in the front, just needs some updating to look amazing.

When painting it, if you do an even, smooth finish, it will have more of the brand new look than distressing will give it.

Find a mini dresser and a few old black-and-white snapshots. A dresser with missing drawers might seem like trash, but if it still has shelves, it can be a treasure.

Mount the drawers on the wall and tack a picture in each one using photo corners. Give it a fresh coat of paint and you've got a whimsical bureau for your boudoir.

If it's a solid piece with nothing wrong structurally, you'll be amazed at how far a little cosmetic work will go.

Pick out new paint and new hardware, add elbow grease, and that once-worthless chest of drawers can become something stunning to add to your room--instead of something you hide in the attic.

One of Joanna's custom creations for this space was repurposing a galvanized metal dustpan as a wall vase and hanging it within an antique frame.