Updating porsche navigation system

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Updating porsche navigation system - Pantyhose dating in ireland

The radio receiver has even been engineered to work with the built-in old-school telescoping rod antenna.

Several manufacturers have been surprisingly slow to provide full postcode support for factory-fit sat nav systems.Likewise, it's not uncommon for official dealers to exploit the fact that only they can offer such software, at least in the short term, before third party services get up to speed with new models.But if you've just paid the better part of £100,000, including several thousand for what amounts, at best, to a few hundred pounds' worth of in-car kit, that isn't much consolation.Thanks, and be sure that I'll be back whenever I need a question answered in a your service this weekend with "Trecers" help. Disgruntled owners of Porsche's latest 911 and Boxster models are reporting that dealers are charging them £500 for a simple software update to support seven-digit postcodes in the UK.But it does come pre-wired for Sirius XM satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and two USB ports.

You can control music from your phone or other device from the little screen, and there are integrated internal and external microphones.The best advice I can give you for this is to ask the dealer. Find out the GPS manufacturer and go on their website if the dealer can't help you.Hello , here to try and help you to understand what may be going on. Usuakky this happens if you are on the wrong screen parameter or in a place where the satellite cannot fully transmit your location properly.Try to re set it and check that you are on the proper screen and parameter using the nav buttons on the PCM. It moves as I drive but always locates me about 20 miles east of actual location. You should try to update it first if that does not work the problem is with the antenna. You can remove and replace the PCM fuse and see if that will reset the PCM.It's got knobs and buttons like you would expect, but it also has a touch screen.