Validating c input

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Validating c input

In this case it would be an input that is not an integer.If the cin fails then the input buffer is kept in an error state.

Here is a screenshot of the various wrong inputs given, and them being handled by the program till a correct input is provided.

cin.ignore() - This function is used to ignore the rest of the line after the first instance of error that has occurred and it skips to or moves to the next line.

cin.eof() - This function can be used to check end of file errors.

I found this solution in another post My prof posted this Im not sure how it helps but I thought it might help someone To make sure that a user-input number is an integer you can use the notion of casting.

Casting is a way to tell C to treat a variable as if it were a variable of a different type.

I am beginning C programming, and have to do a lot of input validation.

I have found this function that seems universally applicable, but am having trouble with one aspect; If I were to type -90, the program doesn't give an error.

cin.clear() - This is used to clear the error state of the buffer so that further processing of input can take place.

This ensures that the input does not lead to an infinite loop of error message display.

The standard input functions wait for a complete line before returning, if the line is not read completely, input functions do not need to wait.

There are a number of solutions, many of which such as the one you used are flawed, the method below, forces the input buffer to be flushed up to and including the newline.

Though this technique seems to work fine it hides a dangerous fault that can occur.

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