Validating database

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Validating database - a phone dating

Pros and Cons of black box testing include: Test case generation in black box testing is fairly simple.

The limitation of white box testing is that SQL statements are not covered.

One of the most critical layers is the data access layer, which deals with databases directly during the communication process.

Database testing mainly takes place at this layer and involves testing strategies such as quality control and quality assurance of the product databases.

The "tear down" stage either results in terminating testing or continuing with other test cases.

Are there any tools available for validating a database schema against a set of design rules, naming conventions, etc.

One way to accomplish this would be to script out an entire database and then apply rules consisting of regular expressions to the script.

SSW's commercial tool does something similiar for SQL Server.Databases, the collection of interconnected files on a server, storing information, may not deal with the same type of data, i.e. As a result, many kinds of implementation and integration errors may occur in large database systems, which negatively affect the system's performance, reliability, consistency and security.Thus, it is important to test in order to obtain a database system which satisfies the ACID properties (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) of a database management system.Some examples of the type of rules I'm talking about would be like: - Primary key fields should be the first in the table. - Field names ending 'xxx' should be of a certain type.- Fields with a constraint limiting it it certain values it should have a default.If the check constraint is violated, I’ll get an error.

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