Vodafone dating tips

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Vodafone dating tips

This can happen when you send a TXT to purchase content and/or reversed billed by the supplier prior to delivery.Timed Rate - This is where your calls or data services are timed at a rate per minute.

When you see an ad for a Premium Service always check the costs and understand how charges will apply before making that call or sending that TXT.

We don't want you to get a huge shock from Premium Services charges, so we wanted to explain to you what a Premium Service is.

Premium Services may be a reason why some call charges are higher than others.

Calls to 190 premium numbers are excluded from our plans so if you’ve called any you’ll see an extra charge on your bill too.

Some other call types are also excluded from our plans.

Premium calls /SMS is used as a billing mechanism for the purchase of mobile content and other goods, services and calls.

The content/service/calls is provided by a third party content provider (ie.

These include calls to overseas freephone numbers such as 0800 in the UK and also overseas premium services.

190 Infocall is Australia’s name for Premium call services.

You can BAR all Premium SMS and MMS services for free.

This means that your mobile account will be barred from sending and receiving Premium SMS and MMS messages and you will not be charged for any of these services. We will bar all premium SMS and MMS services from your account within 1 Business Day of receiving your request.

If these rules have been broken, you may not have to pay for the service.