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This BBC soap opera from 1992 was, despite heavy advertising, a notorious flop.Many of the cast were inexperienced actors whose limitations were clearly exposed on such a new and ambitious project; the acting was derided as amateurish, while the attempt to appear more 'European' by having people speaking other languages without subtitles or bizarre/unconvincing accents was met by viewers with incomprehension and ridicule.

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Nancy Banks-Smith in The Guardian described it as having "little to offer us but blood, horsehair and history.Titled Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon", it premiered in June 2003 and contained far more graphic and sexual content than its predecessor, which resulted in only three of nine ordered episodes being aired by the network.Matt Schimkowitz of Splitsider opined that the show's intended audience was "the 16-year-olds who grew up on the [original] show and are ready to handle such hilarious topics as spousal abuse and eating boogers." Billy West, who voiced Stimpy in the original series, had turned down Kricfalusi's offer to reprise the part in Adult Party Cartoon: "It would have damaged my career.What was intended to be a gripping historical melodrama in the same vein as the earlier BBC series, I, Claudius, was not a critical success, despite the locations and excellent cinematography.Reviewer Clive James dismissed the series as "a ramshackle vehicle".This soap opera telecasted in SUN TV from PM IST TO PM IST, and starring by Subhadra, Bhagya, T. It stopped airing due to its poor script and low TRP ratings.

The soap opera abruptly ended without finishing the original script.It was one of the worst things I ever saw."The long-running show featuring a saccharine purple dinosaur as the title character was listed at number 50 on TV Guide's 2002 list of worst TV series. Mitchell, a University of Chicago professor who devoted a chapter of his book The Dinosaur Book to the anti-Barney phenomenon, noted: "Barney is on the receiving end of more hostility than just about any other popular cultural icon I can think of.In addition to straightforward criticism of the title character's incessant cheerfulness and occasional bad influences on the children in the series, the series has triggered a strong revulsion among people older than its target preschool demographic. Parents admit to a cordial dislike of the saccharine saurian, and no self-respecting second-grader will admit to liking Barney."This Channel 4 show featured young children singing then-contemporary pop music.A number of television shows, both regular series and one-off specials from around the world, have been judged to be among the worst to have ever been produced.Factors that can reflect poorly on a television series include inherently poor quality, the lack of a budget, rapid cancellation, very low viewership, offensive content, and/or negative impact on other series on the same channel.Though a hell of a lot of each." (by comparison, Dynasty finished in 7th place the same season).

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