Air force academy dating rules

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A transgender Air Force Academy graduate is being withheld lieutenant’s bars because of what the academy calls a gap in Pentagon rules for transgender military recruits. As a result, a recent graduate has been barred from receiving a commission, Heritage confirmed, declining to name the cadet.

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The following is an angry reaction from a member of the 1960 class at the academy’s performance marching in the 2017 Inaugural Parade in Washington. My daughter’s high school band marches better than what these cadets displayed. You can say that we really don’t know what is going on under the surface at the academy.

It seems to show them operating in a strange environment, that of coordinating with others in which they depend on others and others depend on them (not unlike daily life in the Air Force. )”I’ve witnessed the same “individuality” attitude even back in 1995, when lunching with the cadets in the dining hall (something that I’ve resolved to never do again). I actually do not fault the cadets and am very sorry that they may receive the brunt of the criticism and embarrassment for this unfortunate display.

It is the failure of the personnel that are supposed to be training them.

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- Napoleon Bonaparte I recently wrote an article on my shock, during my 30th reunion at the U. Air Force Academy, at the lack of discipline and training and how the academy no longer is focused on training warriors.

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