Alvarez dating serial

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Alvarez dating serial - dating married 40

(See chart below.) The second two numbers refer to the month of production.Alvarez is a guitar brand founded in 1965 by distributor St. Alvarez has generally produced acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars, including classical guitars, and for a time solid-body electric guitars and basses.

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Hey, i was wondering if there is anyway to find what model of guitar i have?

I have not a clue what kind of alvarez it is, and have looked on the website and didnt see anything that looks like it.

Introduced sometime in the early 1970s, the 5021 was an acoustic dreadnought style 12 string guitar, with a solid spruce top bound with w-b-w-b-w-b top purfling and black pickguard. The round sound hole had an attractive synthetic shell rosette.

It had a rosewood fingerboard with pearl dots (some later versions had a bird wing inlay at the 12th fret).

I bought it used in a local music store and didnt look at the model or anything just picked it up and played it and loved it, now im just curious about wondering if anyone can help me Thanks.

Telephone us direct on: ( 1) 314-727-1191 You can find a list of our international distributors here.At the twelfth fret the Midnight Special had distinctive bird wing style inlays.Manufacture of the 5019 MIDNIGHT SPECIAL started in the mid 1980s and ended in 1998.WARNER Coral Eugene WATTS Nathaniel WHITE Christopher WILDER Scott WILLIAMS Wayne WILLIAMS Shirley WINTERS Aileen WUORNOS Robert LEE YATES Robert ZARINSKY RETURN TO TOP Christine ADEWUNMI Sara Maria ALDRETE Nasra Yussef Mohammed AL-ENEZI Patricia Taylor ALLANSON Beverley Gail ALLITT Angelica Salazar ALVAREZ Maria Isabella AMAYA Lyda Catherine AMBROSE Michele Kristen ANDERSON Amy ARCHER-GILLIGAN Gertraud ARZBERGER Francisca BALLESTEROS Margie Velma BARFIELD Juana BARRAZA Martha BECK Marie Alexandrine BECKER Amanda BENNETT Marie BESNARD Amy BISHOP Elfriede BLAUENSTEINER Cecile BOMBEEK Lizzie Andrew BORDEN Kathy BOUDIN The Marquise de BRINVILLIERS Mary Ann BRITLAND Mary Ann BROUGH Debra Denise BROWN Denise Dianna BUCHANAN Judias Anna BUENOANO Dora Luz BUENROSTRO Erin Michelle CAFFEY Angela CAMACHO Martha "Patty" CANNON Socorro CARO Leonarda CIANCIULLI Cynthia Lynn COFFMAN Patricia COLUMBO Faye Della COPELAND Tammy L.CORBETT Natasha Wallen CORNET Carol CORONADO Mary Ann COTTON Mary Frances CREIGHTON Anna CUNNINGHAM Rebecca DAVID Williamina DEAN Daisy Louisa DE MELKER Joanna DENNEHY Catherine DESHAYES Phoolan DEVI Edlira DOBRUSHI Nannie DOSS Amelia Elizabeth DYER Gilberta ESTRADA Ellen ETHERIDGE Susan Dianne EUBANKS Christine FALLING Timea FALUDI Nancy FARRER Júlia FAZEKAS Constance M.ELLIS Scott ERSKINE Donald Leroy EVANS Gary EVANS Richard EVONITZ Larry EYLER Raymond FERNANDEZ Albert FISH Wayne Adam FORD Bobby Jack FOWLER Kendall FRANCOIS Joseph Paul FRANKLIN John Wayne GACY Gerald GALLEGO Carlton GARY Donald Henry Peewee GASKINS Alfred GAYNOR Ed GEIN Janie Lou GIBBS Bertha GIFFORD Kristen GILBERT Sean Vincent GILLIS Lorenzo GILYARD Harvey GLATMAN Billy GLAZE Billy GOHL Mark GOUDEAU David Alan GORE Dana Sue GRAY Vaughn GREENWOOD Samuel GREEN Belle GUNNESS Anna Marie HAHN William HANCE Robert HANSEN Donald HARVEY Charles Ray HATCHER Dale HAUSNER Linda HAZZARD William HEIRENS Elmer Wayne HENLEY Loren HERZOG Johann Otto HOCH Dr. Marion Albert PRUETT Dorothea PUENTE Dennis RADER Richard RAMIREZ Melvin REES Paul Dennis REID Ángel Maturino RESÉNDIZ Gary RIDGWAY Joel RIFKIN Harvey Miguel ROBINSON John Edward ROBINSON Dayton Leroy ROGERS Glen Edward ROGERS Danny ROLLING Michael Bruce ROSS Robert ROZIER Kimberly Clark SAENZ Efren SALDIVAR Altemio SANCHEZ Gerard John SCHAEFER Charles SCHMID Heriberto SEDA Tommy Lynn SELLS Arthur SHAWCROSS Lydia SHERMAN Wesley SHERMANTINE Anthony Allen SHORE Robert SHULMAN Daniel Lee SIEBERT Robert Joseph SILVERIA, Jr. Anthony SOWELL Timothy Wilson SPENCER Jack Owen SPILLMAN Edward SPREITZER Gerald STANO Cary STAYNER Paul Michael STEPHANI William SUFF Michael SWANGO James SWANN Joseph TABORSKY John Floyd THOMAS, Jr.

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