Android email not updating

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Android email not updating - Online chat with housewives

See also Reasons Why Android Apps Crash I am unable to get my email to continually stream and also my calendar does not update .I am on an Outlook server and never had this issue with my old Droid Razor Maxx…Miss it!

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the screen freezes where can run finger up and down with no result …extremely annoying.PROBLEM #7: SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 EDGE DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY SYNC EMAILS WHEN CONNECTED TO MOBILE DATA. If only a select set of folders are not syncing on a particular email account, the problem must be app-specific.I have tried the solution mentioned; Solution: Hi Thomas. It looks like only the inbox and sent items are not SYNCED. Make sure to follow the solutions detailed for both Novak and Stephen above. Google designed Gmail’s trash folder to keep deleted messages for up to 30 days in case you will change your mind and want to recover them again.Email sync problems are some of the common troubles shared to us by some S6 and S6 Edge users so this post is our answer for their request for assistance.It must be noted that error problems happen due to a number of factors and that no two cases may not necessarily have the same solution.Phone is set to receive email in peak schedule on auto (when received) and of peak on every 30 min. Make sure that Auto Sync Data is turned on under Settings Auto Sync Data.

Peak schedule is working good but of peak not working as it should be. If this does not fix your issue, the problem can either be from your email provider’s side or on the app.In some cases, syncing errors can only by fixed by simply deleting and re-adding the account.If these things won’t fix the issue, you want to follow our suggestions below for some of the #Samsung Galaxy S6emailsyncproblems.We understand that this process is tedious and takes a lot of time but as we said, this is a proven technique to isolate a problematic app.Some rogue apps are designed to ignore safe mode and may continue to run in the background.I want to be able to delete all trash emails from my Gmail account. After 30 days, emails in your trash folder are automatically purged from the phone and from Google’s servers.

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