Asus m4a785 m updating the bios

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Asus m4a785 m updating the bios

How does it stack up against other budget AMD chipsets? A cheap and cheerful 770X board that's worth buying? It seems pigs have not only infected us all, but they have also developed appendices for flight!MSI resets the rules and makes a cheap AMD motherboard that's really worth the money! After something a full ATX motherboard with integrated graphics that doesn't break the bank?

Often unlocking BOTH of these hidden cores will cause instability if everything isn't 100 per cent working, as AMD sometimes uses duff inventory to fill lower rated products.CMOS is a circuitry design/chip while cmos battery (mostly CR2032 on computers) powers the cmos so that it can retain whatever data the cmos holds even when for example a PC (with the BIOS configuration) is turned off.As to the OP's problem, maybe clearing cmos through a jumper on the motherboard might resolve the checksum error.but when I turned it on no problems were found and after I reformat it and do a clean install it is still no errors and it goes smoothly but then the day after this problem comes out and I have no idea why this had happened....just to clarify I did not reinstall WXP just because this problem occurred but because it wasn't use for a long time so I decided to reinstall the OS to get rid of all old files and as I said it goes great and then suddenly after a day this problem just pop out...But it is important for the relevant details of the MB.

Mike Just a clarification CMOS and cmos battery are not the same.

As this procedure, if not done right would render your pc inoperative, although very remote. - Okay first of all thank you for helping me here,,,, I go to the site and read the instructions on how to update the BIOS.... When the ASUS Logo appears, press to show the BIOS Boot Device Select Menu. Then put the floppy disk in the drive before you start up.

tech27, The best place to start is in your motherboard manual. Insert the support DVD into the optical drive and select the optical drive as the boot device." but how could it be because everytime I boot up this problem will pop up and the logo wont appear.. Also when I boot up and that screen appears my Keyboard is not accessible that is why I cant use the Shortcut keys or the functions keys... Also try to clear CMOS memory first as I have suggested in one of my POST above. If no floppy, follow the instructions for building and burning a cd/dvd disc for flashing the BIOS.

If this doesn't help, maybe reprogramming the BIOS through BIOS update will do the trick.

@dbarker its kinda bit old PC with a P4VP-MX Asus motherborad....

The Asus M4A785TD-V Evo is based on AMD's new 785G chipset, and also has 128MB of DDR3 sideport memory.