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When he had produced his admi rable works, ignorant or heedless of their value, he abandoned them with perfect indifference to oblivion or to fame. No more dams Til make for fish ; Nor fetch in firing At requiring.

The trade of John Shakspeare, as well as his religious faith, has recently been made the subject of controversy. Vll he would, doubtless, have pressed the observation into his service, and brought it as an irresistible attestation of the veracity of his old MS. That s a brave god, and bears celestial liquor : I will kneel to him. CBETH " J - 171 MEASURE FOR MEASURE * 329 MERCHANT OF VENICE 1L 167 . 45 ROMEO AND JULIET VIL 135 TAMING OF THE SHREW H- 447 TEMPEST L 1 TIMON OF ATHENS V. During his life, and for some years after his death, inferior dramatists outran him in the race of popularity ; and then the flood of Puritan fanati cism swept him and the stage together into temporary oblivion. 355 KING RICHARD III V 3 LOVE S LABOR S LOST IL 75 M. The nation, in short, knew little and cared less about him. Singer, as the foundation of theirs, relative to the notes ; exercising some discretion in relation to such portions as might appear unnecessary, and substituting others, thought to be more important. During the re maining years of his life, his fortunes appear not to have recovered themselves; for he ceased to attend the meetings of the corporation hall, where he had once presided ; and, in 1586, another person was substituted as alderman in his place, in consequence of his magis terial inefficiency. This is a devil, and no monster : I will leave him ; I have no long spoon. Thou art very Trinculo, indeed : How cam st thou to be the siege 2 of this moon-calf? It was believed this could be best effected by adopting the full and comprehen sive edition of Mr. How quickly the wrong side may be turned outwards ! But before the year 1578, his prosperity, from causes not now as- certainable, had certainly declined ; for in that year, as we find from the records of his borough, he was excused, in condescension to his poverty, from the moiety of a very moderate assessment of six shillings and eight pence, made by the members of the corporation on themselves ; at the same time that he was altogether exempted from his contribution to the relief of the poor. If thou beest Stephano, touch me, and speak to me ; for I am Trinculo ; be not afeard, thy good friend Trinculo. If thou beest Trinculo, come forth ; I ll pull thee by the lesser legs : If any be Trinculo s legs, these are they. I took him to be killed with a thunderstroke : But art thou not drowned, Stephano? He then became the subject of solicitous and learned inquiry ; but inquiry wa* then too late ; and all that it could recover from the ravage of time were only a few human fragments, which could scarcely be united into a man.

MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR * 15 * TT Q MIDSUMMER-NIGHT S DREAM L MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING I. Or the restoration of the monarchy and the theatre, the school of France perverted our taste ; and it was not till the last century was somewhat advanced, that William Shakspearc arose again, as it were, from the tomb, in all his proper majesty of light.

The younger of these Ardens was made, by his sovereign, keeper of the park of Aldercar, and bailiff of the lordship of Codnore. The freehold consisted of a house and fifty-four acres of land ; and, as far as it appears, it was the first piece of landed property which was ever possessed by the Shakspeares. Ca L I have seen thee in her, and I do adore thee : my mistress showed me thee, and thy dog, and thy bush. Come, swear to that : kiss the book : I will furnish it anon with new contents : swear. By this good light, this is a very shallow monster : I afeard of him ? a most poor credulous mon ster : Well drawn, monster, in good sooth.

Shakspeare) hav ing enjoyed each a station of honor in the personal establishment of Henry VII. Out o the moon, I do assure thee : I was the man in the moon, when time was. I ll kiss thy foot : I ll swear myself thy subject.

Of the little, however, questionable or certain, which can be told of him, we must now proceed to make tho host use in our power, to write what by courtesy may be called his life ; and we have only to lament that the result of our labor mu<t ^rr-atly disappoint the curiosity which has been excited by the LT mlf Mir of his reputation.

His works are in myriads of hands : he constitutes the delight of myriads of readers: his renown is coextensive with the civilization of man ; and, striding across the ocean from Europe, it occupies the wide region of transatlantic empire: but he is himself only a shadow which disappoints our grasp; an undefined form, which is rather intimated than discovered to the kr>one<t searchings of our eye.

To this combination of causes arc we to attribute the scantiness of our materials for the Life of William Shakspeare.