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::> CRSinr Of \ CALIFCRNU _j i *-s r SHAKSPEARE S DRAMATIC WORKS. Singer not to express to him very important obligations ; and yet it is not thought proper to affix to this edition the name of Mr. On the 30th of June, 1564, when our Poet had not yet been three months in this breathing world, his native Stratford was visited by the plague ; and, during the six succeeding months, the ravaging disease is calculated to have swept to the grave more than a seventh part of the whole population of the place. JV/fc THE DRAMATIC WORKS OF WILLIAM SHAKSPEARE; ILLUSTRATED: EMBRACING A LIFE OF THE POET, AND NOTES, ORIGINAL AND SELECTED. Notwithstanding the changes in both respects, it would be injustice to Mr. He died in the September of 1601, when his illustrious son had already attained to high celebrity ; and his wife, Mary Shakspeare, surviving him for seven years, deceased in the September of 1608, the burial of the former being registered on the eighth, and that of the latter on the ninth of this month, in each of these respective years.

IT has been the design of the publishers, in present ing this edition of the Dramatic Works of Shakspeare to the public, to give the text as accurately as possible ; encumbering it with as few notes as might seem important for the purposes of illustration. According to the testimony of Rowe, grounded on the tradition of Stratford, the father of our Poet was a dealer in wool, or, in the provincial vocabulary of his country, a wool-driver ; and such he has been deemed by all the biographers of his son, till the fact was thrown into doubt by the result of the inquisitive- ness of Malone. purporting to record the proceedings of the bailiff s court in Stratford, our John Shakspeare designated as a glover, Malone exults over the ignorance of poor Rowe, and assumes no small degree of merit to himself as the discoverer of a long-sought and a most important historic truth. Whatever may have been the trade of John Shakspeare, whether that of wool-merchant or of glover, it seems, with the little fortune of his wife, to have placed him in a state of easy competence. 2 Siege for stool, and in the dirtiest sense of the word. Of Anne and Richard, whose births intervened between those of Joan and Edmund, the parish register tells the whole historv, when it records that the former was buried on the 4th of April, 1579, in the eighth year of her age, and the latter on the 4th of February, 1012-13, when he had nearly completed his thirty-ninth. I escaped upon a butt of sack, which the sailors heaved overboard, by this bottle ! Swam ashore, man, like a duck ; I can swim like a duck, I ll be sworn. Here, kiss the book : Though thou canst swim like a duck, thou art made like a goose. Hart, a hatter in her native town ; and Edmund, the youngest of the family, adopting the profession of an actor, resided in St. Savior s Church, on the last day of December, 1607, in his twenty-eighth year. CBETH " J - 171 MEASURE FOR MEASURE * 329 MERCHANT OF VENICE 1L 167 . 45 ROMEO AND JULIET VIL 135 TAMING OF THE SHREW H- 447 TEMPEST L 1 TIMON OF ATHENS V. During his life, and for some years after his death, inferior dramatists outran him in the race of popularity ; and then the flood of Puritan fanati cism swept him and the stage together into temporary oblivion. 355 KING RICHARD III V 3 LOVE S LABOR S LOST IL 75 M. The nation, in short, knew little and cared less about him. In short, the publishers have aimed to prepare an edition, both in regard to text and notes, which should be as accurate and clear as possible, under the most careful research of the accomplished scholar who has prepared the work for the press ; and in its combina tion of accuracy and elegance, they flatter themselves this will be found to be the most splendid edition ever presented to the American public. That he survived this desolating calamity of his townsmen, is all that we know of William Shakspeare from the day of his birth till he was sent, as we are informed by Howe, to the free-school of Stratford ; and was stationed there in the course of his education, till, in consequence uf the straitened circumstances of his father, he was recalled to the paternal roof. Do you put tricks upon us with savages, and men of Inde ? I have not scaped drowning, to be afeard now of your four legs ; for it hath been said, As proper a man as ever went on four legs, cannot make him give ground : and it shall be said so again, while Steph- ano breathes at nostrils. He shall taste of my bottle : if he hath never drunk wine afore, it will go near to remove his fit : if I can recover him, and keep him tame, I will not take too much * for him : he shall pay for him that hath him, and that soundly. Thou dost me yet but little hurt ; thou wilt 1 Any sum, ever so much ; an ironical expression implying that he would get as much as he could for him. If all the wine in my bottle will re cover him, I will help his ague ; Come, Amen !

The trade of John Shakspeare, as well as his religious faith, has recently been made the subject of controversy. Vll he would, doubtless, have pressed the observation into his service, and brought it as an irresistible attestation of the veracity of his old MS. That s a brave god, and bears celestial liquor : I will kneel to him. Singer, as the foundation of theirs, relative to the notes ; exercising some discretion in relation to such portions as might appear unnecessary, and substituting others, thought to be more important. During the re maining years of his life, his fortunes appear not to have recovered themselves; for he ceased to attend the meetings of the corporation hall, where he had once presided ; and, in 1586, another person was substituted as alderman in his place, in consequence of his magis terial inefficiency. This is a devil, and no monster : I will leave him ; I have no long spoon. Thou art very Trinculo, indeed : How cam st thou to be the siege 2 of this moon-calf? It was believed this could be best effected by adopting the full and comprehen sive edition of Mr. How quickly the wrong side may be turned outwards ! But before the year 1578, his prosperity, from causes not now as- certainable, had certainly declined ; for in that year, as we find from the records of his borough, he was excused, in condescension to his poverty, from the moiety of a very moderate assessment of six shillings and eight pence, made by the members of the corporation on themselves ; at the same time that he was altogether exempted from his contribution to the relief of the poor. If thou beest Stephano, touch me, and speak to me ; for I am Trinculo ; be not afeard, thy good friend Trinculo. If thou beest Trinculo, come forth ; I ll pull thee by the lesser legs : If any be Trinculo s legs, these are they. I took him to be killed with a thunderstroke : But art thou not drowned, Stephano? Mary Arden did not come dowerless to her plebeian husband ; for she brought to him a small freehold estate called Asbies, and the sum of 6/. Joan, the eldest of the four remaining children, and named after her deceased sister, married William Vi THE LIFE OF WILLIAM SHAKSPEARE. The whole butt, man ; my cellar is in a rock by the sea-side, where my wine is hid. He obtained, also, from the crown, a valuable grant in the lease of the manor of Yoxsal, in Staffordshire, consisting of more than 4,600 acres, at a rent of 42/. Of this marriage the offspring was four sons and four daughters ; of whom Joan (or, according to the orthography of that time, Jone) and Margaret, the eldest of the children, died, one in infancy and one at a somewhat more advanced age ; and Gilbert, whose birth im mediately succeeded to that of our Poet, is supposed by some not to have reached his maturity, and by others, to have attained to considerable longevity. Ca L I ll show thee every fertile inch o the island ; And I will kiss thy foot : I pr ythee, be my god. By this light, a most perfidious and drunken monster : when his god s asleep, he ll rob his bottle. Salvador asked by signs whether Columbus and his companions were not come down from heaven. He was honored, indeed, with the friendship of nobles and the patronage of monarchs : his IV THE LIFE OF WILLIAM SHAKSPEARE.