Camera bouys couple

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Camera bouys couple

Models assume that relative humidity will stay the same over the tropics as the world warms, that clouds are a positive feedback and not a negative one, and that cloud changes are a feedback and not a forcing in their own right. , but observations from eight natural experiments around the globe, and even on Mars and Venus suggest that 0.4°C is the upper bound of climate sensitivity to any cause.

The feedbacks are not just icing on the cake, but in the IPCC’s view, collectively more powerful than any forcing due directly to CO The IPCC could be right about one hundred factors, but if they are using the wrong assumptions about the way clouds and humidity behave, the forecast of an alarming three degrees could be reduced to a forecast of a mere half-a-degree. Not only is it hard to put a value on all the feedbacks, it’s difficult to know if some changes are a feedback or a forcing or even both at once — for example, clouds.

Our climate changes because of outside effects, called forcings: the sun grows brighter, or its magnetic field changes, ocean currents shift, vegetation changes, or continents move.

The Earth is a ball of magma, is a 12,000 km thick, with a thin crust about 12 km of rock on top, who knows what effects come from within?

Scientists may claim otherwise, but no single model is proficient, rather a selection of models has “success” with a few parameters.

A multitude of observations are in rough agreement that any increase in global average temperature caused by a doubling of CO.

Joanne Nova and Anthony Cox It takes only one experiment to disprove a theory.

The climate models are predicting a global disaster, but the empirical evidence disagrees.Pourtant, 70 ans plus tard, il est possible de se pencher sur la question, sans verser dans les outrances mais sans prétendre pour autant à une vérité totale, bien des points restant encore à explorer.C’est ce que se propose de tenter de faire cette étude, sans pour autant prétendre à l’exhaustivité.The only evidence the government scientists provide on the key points of attribution (the cause of the warming) come from simulations of the climate done with computers.Those models are unverified, and when tested, have “no skill” at predicting the climate.While a theory may never be 100% proven, it can be disproven.