Chat with mature lady

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Chat with mature lady

Me: Chatting with you She: haha She: looking for some action She: isnt it?

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Me: no, the exact opposite She: haha i know She: uhm She: ok She: i like it rough Me: now we are talking She: hell yes She: a little too fast Me: your turn to ask now She: you tell me something now?

Me: Boredom, maybe nothing better to do She: really? She: talk to* She: don't think so much She: answer Me: As I said, I like older women She: why? She: not yet Me: Take a chill pill She: to answer your question She: i often chat here while i am at work She: no one knows that Me: I could figure that out myself Me: Tell me something I don't know She: lol She: Are you a priest?

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Me: you only asked me She: hell yes She: we will have to talk later She: find me She: i will be online at 10 Me: ok She: bye Me: bye Chat 2 ------ Me: Hello Jay She: hi jack Me: what's happening? She: yes at work Me: I understand She: why do you like older women? She: trying to figure out who you are She: are you writing the perfect things She: or is this you Me: stop judging Me: this is me Me: this is one place I don't need to lie She: lol She: i have never done this She: call me at ...

Me: i like it rough too, a little too rough She: open up jack Me: not sure if you will be able to handle this She: try me jack Me: Jay Me: I like to be called Daddy while I fuck Me: I like wild fucking, I am mean when I fuck Me: I am very vocal Me: I talk a lot during sex She: god She: I am still at work!! Me: Sleeping She: why the hell are you not fucking her and wasting time here? She: no Me: good She: i am sorry but i was getting uncomfortable Me: Uncomfortable?

She: 44, ******* Me: Ok Me: You may call me Jack She: hi jack Me: Hi Jill She: lol She: call me Jay Me: That's a nice name She: thanks, its just a name Me: Well Me: It is Me: So, what brings you here? Me: I mean here, chatting land She: what bring you here? She: why would you like to someone who is much elder to you? She: answer that and i will answer you Me: because I am enjoying it She: i am not going to give you a cyber fuck if you want that Me: Did I mention it?

Me: Say, in short, I like older women She: haha She: that's convenient She: you like older or younger She: whoever they are Me: Well She: you still haven't answered my question Me: I think I did She: why? or something maybe more Me: Well, that's quiet a generalization She: because you are not answering me She: so i am going by the general rules She: anyway She: i think we will have to come back to this question later Me: Yes, thanks Me: So, tell me something not many people know about you She: like what Me: anything... She: desperation Me: excitement She: am i already exciting you? She: i havent done anything so far Me: maybe you have Me: answer it She: i am a little surprised you havent asked what i look like? She: no She: but thats how you guys start Me: hmmm Me: The generalization, again Me: and still no answer Me: How tall are you? Me: I like short females She: convenience again Me: no She: why are you talking to me?

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