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Hunter chatted with us about his dream life, what he’s wearing, and what’s next: When’s your birthday?

Also, I just checked her Wikipedia page to figure out exactly how old she is (she’s 17), and it begins with this line: “Cory Kennedy seriously she’s like BLEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURGH!!!! the Cobra Snake, with Karl Lagerfeld, left) grew up in L. He has met, partied with and photographed celebrities. Getting his start as an assistant to Shepard Fairey, the young photographer quickly became immersed in the creative worlds of haute couture and club kids. She wrote for the student newspaper there and she is now a staff writer at the Northern New Jersey newspaper, The Record.'The president was off his game [during the first presidential debate], and there’s only one explanation: Governor Romney got in his head, under his skin, between his toes, inside his ear, and then he tickled his nose,' Schlossberg wrote in the 'In other words, Romney psyched Obama out. Yeah, I shared an apartment with Steve Aoki in New York for about two years.

Like many photographers and other creative artists, did you ever do the bi-coastal thing, splitting time between here and New York?

Jack Schlossberg pictured in 2011 in front of a portrait of his grandfather.

He has already attended several high-profile events, including speaking at the 50th anniversary of New York's John F Kennedy Airport Younger sister Tatiana Schlossberg, 22, went to Yale University, which is what inspired Jack to choose Yale.

He was introducing me to a lot of cool parties and art events.

I was working for Shepard Fairey for a couple of years as his assistant.

An astounding .8 milion was raised for performances and arts education and outreach, as Rubenstein vowed to replace Carnegie Hall as the must stop place for artists.

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